October 23, 2018

Standish-Sterling board approves technology replacement plan


STANDISH — The Standish-Sterling Community Schools board of education recently approved a technology replacement plan, which will update a number of the district’s computers over the next six years.

According to Standish-Sterling Technology Director Ken Adrian, the board approved the plan Jan. 11, which calls for the replacement of approximately 60 computers each year.

“We have to replace the technology,” Adrian said. “Currently there is no replacement plan. Some computers in the district are 10 years old.”

Adrian said rather than ask the school board for a large sum of money to replace a large number of computers every couple of years, it was better to come up with a district-wide plan.

Adrian said the first purchase would be in the next couple of months, after the district puts out bids. The plan calls for $84,300 to be spent this year, which will include the replacement of 60 high school teaching lab PCs, the e-mail server, high school 409 lab and high school office printers, and the high school office copy machine.

The plan calls for 60 middle school teaching lab PCs next year, and 60 Standish and Sterling Elementary lab PCs the following year.

In all, 380 computers will be replaced over the six-year period, at between $84,300 and $95,200 per year. Adrian said money for the plan would come from the district’s general fund.

Adrian said lab and teaching machines that are replaced would then used to replace computers at student stations in the classrooms. He said that while the classroom computers are highly utilized, the students don’t need the higher technology that is needed in the lab machines.


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