Standish Lions Club Christmas tree cash box stolen


STANDISH — A cash box bolted to a pole put out by the Standish Lions Club for their Christmas tree sale was stolen Wednesday, Dec. 5.

Ron Bartlett, who is running the sale alongside Lions Club President John Lincoln, said the box went missing sometime between 2:30 p.m., when Lincoln had gone to empty it out, and about 8:30 p.m., when he went to check on the sale area on Grove Street near the intersection with Cedar Street.

Bartlett said both the cash box and the pole were missing when he arrived, and with it an unknown amount of money. He said five trees were also missing, which means if they had all been purchased in that time period, the Lions Club would have lost about $110.

“In our mind, they didn’t steal from the Lions Club, they stole from the people we donate to,” Lincoln said. “The food banks, the Michigan Eye Bank, the leader dog program … we donate to Sterling Elementary and Standish Elementary for school supplies.”

Bartlett said the money raised in the tree sale is used for those and other programs.

“I can’t believe someone had the nerve to do that,” Bartlett said. “If someone was that hard up, we would have been glad to help and give them a tree.”

While a new post and cash box have been placed in the tree yard, Barlett said the incident is making him wonder if the Lions Club should do another tree sale in the future.

“I’d rather donate the money myself rather than have someone take the money,” he said.

Bartlett filed a report with the Standish Police Department, and said anyone with information could contact 989-846-4399.


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