Speed painting at local libraries

Kevin Bunch
Martina Hahn shows off her finished “Where the Wild Things Are” painting, completed in about five minutes.
Kevin Bunch
Martina Hahn gets the crowd at Au Gres fired up for her program by talking about how music, such as clapping, can be made without any instrument beyond the human body.
Kevin Bunch
Martina Hahn begins telling the story of “Where the Wild Things Are” at the Au Gres Community Library July 18.
Kevin Bunch
Hahn paints a vine upside down as a visual aid to her story.
Kevin Bunch
Kids at the Au Gres library make some noise and try to look threatening as part of the story.
Kevin Bunch
Martina Hahn quickly paints a sailboat for the story’s main character Max to ride back home in.
Kevin Bunch
Speed-painting gets underway at the Au Gres Community Library, as Hahn wields two paintbrushes on her canvas to music.
Kevin Bunch
Hahn paints some eyes on the face of the character named Carol.
Kevin Bunch
Hahn puts the finishing touches on Max’s face as part of her speed-painting demonstration.
Kevin Bunch
Audience members volunteer to get a smudge of water-based paint on their nose at the end of the program.

ARENAC COUNTY — Speed painter Martina Hahn visited audiences in the Au Gres Community Library and in Standish as part of the Iosco-Arenac District Library’s summer reading program. She told the tale of “Where the Wild Things Are,” and painted a piece related to the story for the audience.

Hahn also talked to kids briefly about the earliest examples of artistry and storytelling, and how people used to create cave paintings and pass stories down orally. She encouraged kids to get involved in the story as well, by roaring and baring their “claws” on behalf of the wild things.

The Iosco-Arenac District Library will be closing its summer program next week with Reptile Inc., where audiences will get to learn all about the cold-blooded creatures. The show will take place July 25 at the Omer Little Eagle’s Nest Library at 6 p.m., and July 26 at the Au Gres Community Library at 10:30 a.m. and the Mary Johnston Memorial Library at 2 p.m.


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