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I was never big in politics growing up. Sure, I listened to parts of debates and knew whose policies I agreed with when it came to candidates, but I never cared much about the final results as long as the country didn’t fall apart. For the most part growing up though, I had strong influence from my parents when it came to my morals, which often sided with the Republicans.

In fact, although I never voted for Bush — first because of age and second because I was in college and it wasn’t a priority…I figured he’d win — but I would have both times if I did. Four years later, after a seemingly endless string of disasters — both man-made and natural — and the handling thereafter, I find myself agreeing with Democratic views, mostly those of Obama, more and more. I find this blatant ignorance the GOP continually exemplifies to be mind-boggling. How on Earth can you say some of the things Republicans say?

As I was watching Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, as I usually do, he said something that I and, I’d have to assume, millions of people can agree with, “OPEC has decided not to raise prices because the state of the economy is too fragile…that’s right, Saudi Arabia and Iran give more of a (expletive) about you than AIG,” in reference to the AIG bonus outrage.

I wouldn’t consider Bill Maher a time-honored philosopher but you have to agree that statement has something to it; and I only mention this because Republicans are mainly those on the forefront criticizing Obama’s 90-percent tax on bonuses to employees of bailed-out finance giants. This is what I was talking about. Republicans, for the most part, claim they’re these God fearing politicians with strong family morals; but anybody paying attention to congressional proceedings or the inability of the GOP to realize the corruption associated with the heads of these financial systems like AIG and CitiGroup — who actually froze trading of their stocks last week — and battling Obama every step of the way, can see their views and claims are skewed and nothing like they claim.

But in this circus of a political party, I can say there’s one member who seems to get it. Meghan McCain, daughter of Arizona Senator John McCain, has taken heat from conservative Republicans for her lashing out at right-wing conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh and right-wing nut job/conspiracy theorist Ann Coulter on their criticism of President Obama’s take on social issues, which led “View” co-host Laura Ingraham to make an unnecessary comment about McCain’s weight.

McCain, 24-year-old contributor to “The Daily Beast,” appeared on Larry King Live Monday Night to address the recent attacks, during which she said she supported President Obama in his dealings, saying she supports the President of the United States no matter which party he’s a member of, which is the exact opposite of Limbaugh’s take. That’s the attitude of a true American if you ask me. I don’t think any Democrats **wanted Bush to fail in his time. Fierce criticism only existed because Americans **wanted Bush to **act, and he didn’t…or he did in the opposite way the general public thought.

McCain further criticized GOP party members for being angry President Obama was smiling and laughing during his “60 minutes” interview, calling it “ridiculous” that people would think he’s not taking the economic disaster seriously. That’s exactly how I feel. I mean is this guy supposed to being crying and moping around every second until the economy is perfect? I know I’ve smiled and laughed recently. Does that mean I don’t care about the economy? No, it means I’m trying to carry on in my life and keep a positive attitude towards the future. Last time I checked, keeping a cool head was a sign of a good leader. In sports, when your something isn’t going right, aren’t the captains and leaders of these teams praised for keeping a cool head? Hasn’t the media praised the likes of Donovan McNabb for always making light of a horrible situation and being a “professional,” aka the Terrell Owens saga a couple years ago…the Andy Reid benching in mid-season this year? Maybe that’s what somebody should say about Obama’s laughing and smiling – he’s a professional.


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While you have many good points, I do disagree with one in this column. You said, "I don’t think any Democrats wanted Bush to fail in his time." I beg to differ.

A large part of the liberal media (NBC, I'm looking at you here), I believe, DID want Bush to fail. I think they showed that with their reporting. On the other hand, I do believe the same thing is happening with Obama. The conservative talk show hosts, such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, want Obama to fail.

So what is the difference?

The difference is that these are the hosts of conservative radio talk shows, and that is their job. They are paid to be against the Democratic Party. When you turn into their radio show, you expect to hear the opinions that they have.

But news organizations, such as MSNBC, the New York Times, etc., are supposed to be reporting the news. Aside from their editorial page, they are not supposed to have an opinion. But they do, and it shows in their reporting every day. I believe that is wrong, and these news organizations are doing a disservice to the people who are reading/watching their product.

Let me give you an example. Last week, President Obama was on the Tonight Show. During the show, he made reference to his horrible bowling ability by saying it was "like the Special Olympics."

I will not argue whether it was right or not for him to say it. That's not the issue. The issue is that there was very little reporting of this by our liberal media. If Bush would have said it during a private reception when he was president, it would have been on the front page of every newspaper and CNN would be discussing it for hours on end. Yet the Democratic president said it on a national television show, and it was barely mentioned. When it was, it was buried in the story, such was the case with the New York Times.

I don't care what Obama said, but is this fair reporting? I don't think anyone should be torn apart for the comment, but you just know had it been said by a Republican, it would have been more newsworthy.

I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I fall in the middle. I just wish our media would call it in the middle as well.

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