Society’s role in minors drinking should not be ignored



As it was reported in this week’s issue of the Arenac County Independent, an undercover sting operation by the Arenac County Sheriff’s Department led to 11 bars and stores getting cited for selling alcohol to a minor.

After nearly a week of thinking about this issue and reading comments on our website,, I have come up with one question on this issue, what role does society play in the recent string of incidents we have seen involving youth and alcohol in Arenac County?

I feel like society’s role is the biggest problem we as a country have to deal with when it comes to this issue.

Of the comments on the website, no one mentioned this as an issue. To be fair, there is plenty of blame to go around, from the owners to the clerks who sold the alcohol.

But we can’t ignore the role that our society has when it comes to alcohol.

Think about your time in high school. Think about the things you did and about when you got together with your friends. What did you do?

Depending on your age, I bet we are going to come up with different answers, but I guarantee that people 21-35 are going to have similar answers, just like people who are 36-50 and those ages 51-75.

Times are changing, and alcohol use is seen differently from a child’s point of view now than it was during my parents’ and grandparents’ generations.

When I went to college, I was astounded at how important going out drinking was to so many college students. Sure, in high school I would hear about these things, but college was a whole different animal. It was time to party every Thursday night through Sunday.

Sitting in class, I would overhear people talking about what they did the night before; alcohol was everywhere.

How does anyone stand a chance when they are surrounded by something?

The fact is, kids are going to drink if they really want to drink. But you have to be able to trust your kids.

Everyone makes mistakes. From kids who want to drink to the adults who help them do it. Mistakes happen.

People are irresponsible, and when alcohol is available and legal kids are going to get their hands on it. Adults need to take responsibility and help inform our youth and trust that they will be the ones to make the right decision when the time comes.


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this is so true....when eddie kedron bought for the 11 and 12 year olds people only made a big deal out of it until the josh and dan story came out how they "robbed" a old person at glens then nobody cared about eddie....josh and dan that was bigger news....REALLY???? im sorry but the kedron case should have been bigger news!!!! thats just my opinon but hey when i was younger i drank at a young age i was out partying when i was 12 and 13 alot of people were it was cool back then....then when i finally hit the legal age for drinking i was over it....yes i still like to go out and drink every once in awhile and hang out with people but other then that its not a everyday thing for me like it was back when i was in high drink now there are 4 things that will happen to them (more then likely) 1) they will either die of alcohol poisioning or accident 2) jail 3) become a alcoholic 4) by the time they hit 21 they wont want to drink anymore because they drank to much when they were best bet is the first 3 is more then likely to happen....people ignore this and its going to continue....yes people do make mistakes nobody is perfect but we dont talk to our kids enough about the dangers of alcohol i honestly think the schools should have a program as to where they can teach kids about the effects of alcohol and what can happen to them show videos and what nots....yes i know its the parents that are supposed to teach our kids this but obviously thats not happening kids will rebel no doubt things have changed ALOT but maybe with a little more education on it and what can happen to them maybe they will wake up MAYBE....the school also said they were shocked by this so do something about it inform our kids classes speakers something....things will get worse but this is just my opinion....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 | Report this

Oh yes blame the schools, blame the teachers, blame the police. They should do more, they should teach more. blah blah blah blah

Eddie Kedron, Dan Janz, and Josh Gibson are a prime example of what is produced from bad parenting. They had choices, they chose to hurt these children and the elderly lady. How hard would it have been to play ball with the children or help the lady with her groceries? Must of been too hard for these three.

Then we have xxxxx, xxx, and xxxxxx, who came from horrible abusive families and they donate to socitey by volunteering, studying hard, working a part time job, going to church, etc,

It's all in how you want to leave your mark in this world and these three made horrible choices and hurt a lot of people.

The ones who also should of been in this news article with Eddie Kedron is the parents of the children who received the alcohol.

Who in their right mind with Eddie Kedron's criminal history would allow their children to be around him? That choice alone should of landed those parents in jail for a few weeks.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 | Report this

kids that want to drink, will. adults that want to provide the drinks, will. doesn't matter what or who the excuse both will/provide drinks if that is what they really want

doesn't matter who is blamed, it all comes back to individual choices. mistakes are made and that is why we have deaths and injury because of mistakes

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 | Report this

Adults must lead by example. When adults break rules, no matter how minor, it opens the door for others and kids. When adults stand by and do nothing when something or someone is doing wrong they are saying it is OK. It makes me mad when you have to have a police officer everywhere just to keep people from doing bad things. When you get adults covering for each other can you blame kids. They know what is going on. Kids know right from wrong it is a game to them to see if you can get away with it. Adults play it too.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 | Report this

Agreed. My question is...when I was growing up we had programs in school to help steer us from all of this. My parents were strict and I wasn't allowed to do much but study and occasionally hang out with friends and in the llong run really did help me steer away from alcohol and drugs.....We had a DARE program. So I am wondering what happened to the DARE program that the schools had? That program was great and inisightful and really did help myself as well as a huge number of my friends stay away from all of that!Where children make the choices reguardless, at the end of the day, however it is up to the kid.... However, I agree with joejoe. Only not just parents all adults must lead by example...Because one bad example can and will cause a chain reaction!

Sunday, April 17, 2011 | Report this

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