Sims board upgrading treasurer equipment


SIMS TWP. — Sims Township Treasurer Grace Pichan will soon be getting some new computer equipment following a vote of approval by the township board Jan. 15.

Supervisor Robert Quackenbush said the township would be getting a new computer, an external hard drive, and a bar code scanner for tax bills from Dale’s Computers in Tawas, at a total cost of $1,104.

The computer will feature a new monitor, a 500-gigabyte hard drive and a copy of Windows 7, while the external one-terabyte hard drive will serve as an in-house backup for the data, notably the township tax rolls, on the treasurer’s new computer.

The previous computer was purchased around 2004-2005, Clerk Wanda Boley said, and was due to be replaced before it started suffering errors. She said her own computer was replaced last year after problems started developing, and it had originally been purchased a year before the treasurer’s computer.

Quackenbush said he would like to pursue an off-site data storage solution for the township going forward, and brought it up to the people at Dale’s Computers.

“We talked about adding a file server computer, where we could centralize all our data,” he said. “We would use the external hard drive for in-house backup, and have the ability to back up our data outside of the building with a cloud service.”

Quackenbush added he wanted to make sure the township could find a cloud service that is sufficiently secure to back up the township’s data. Cloud storage involves storing data in remote computer servers over the Internet, where it can be called back up from the client’s office or home computer.

The township board made no decision on remote storage at the meeting, but Quackenbush said it is something he will continue to look into.

The issue of a new computer was initially brought forth at the township’s December meeting, but was tabled due to Trustees Rodney Francis and Janis Howard being unavailable.


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