Sims approves township hall roof work


SIMS TWP. — The Sims Township Board approved a bid for roofing work on the township hall during its meeting Sept. 18.

The sole bid came in from Tawas Roofing to tear off the existing shingles and seals to redo the entire thing. The bid for the project is $9,393, which was approved unanimously by the three board members in attendance: Clerk Wanda Boley, Supervisor Rod Francis, and Trustee Janis Howard.

“I hoped to do this for under $10,000,” Francis said. “So I have no problem with it.”

Francis said the roof was leaking in spots and needed to be repaired or replaced soon. However, he did not believe repairing it would be a viable solution long-term.

“We could probably caulk it or tar it, and it would be good for about a year,” Francis said.

“I’d rather just get it done,” Howard said.

Boley said the bid includes replacing the shingles and shielding the roof against water. She said the roof has leaked over the years in a couple spots.

“We had someone take a look a few years back, prior to 2008,” Boley said. “We had a contractor look at it, and he said we would need to replace it eventually.”

Boley said someone from Tawas Roofing had taken a look more recently, and noticed missing shingles on the side of the building opposite of the parking lot.

The township also approved a $4,700 deposit for the roofing work. Francis said the work should take about a day to a day and a half to complete, and that the company wanted to get it done with as soon as possible.

Boley said the township expects to have the roofing work done in the next three weeks.

The board also approved cement work for the rear entrance to the township hall. The sole bid for the project was $760, and came from Larry VanSickle.

“It’s at the back door, which the police chief, assessor, and sometimes the supervisor use to come in and out for township business,” Boley said. “That way they don’t have to step in the mud and track it in.”

VanSickle will put down a 6-by-12 cement pad, Boley said, that is raised up a single step to reach the entryway to the township hall. She said VanSickle is coordinating with Tawas Roofing so they do not get in each other’s way when working on the hall.


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