Sims-Whitney Utility Authority says keep water running

Tim Barnum
Sims-Whitney Utilities Authority customers are being asked to keep their water running until further notice.

SIMS TWP. — Customers of the Sims-Whitney Utilities Authority are being asked to keep their water running to prevent lines from freezing.

Duane Pendred, the Sims-Whitney water plant superintendent, told the Independent Feb. 20 that there have been several reports of water lines freezing due to the frost levels.

“With the frost going so deep, some of the service lines are freezing up, so we’re asking customers to run their water, at least a pencil stream, until further notice,” he said.

Slightly warmer temperatures Feb. 18-20 did not thaw lines that were already frozen, Pendred said.

“With the frost being so deep, this little warm up is not going to thaw the frost four feet in the ground,” he said.

The issue of lines freezing just recently started, Pendred said. If a line does freeze, there is no guarantee the authority will be able to thaw it out and get the water running, he said.

“Some we can fix or some are just going to have to wait until spring,” he said. “It just depends on the circumstances.”

The utilities authority provides water to 1,700 customers, many of whom do not live in the area year-round, according to Pendred.

If a line freezes, water customers can call the Sims Township Hall at 989-876-8631 or the Whitney Township Hall at 989-362-8441.


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