Sidewalk construction to begin in Standish

Auto parts store looking to construct building



STANDISH — Construction is about to begin on a $100,000 sidewalk that will stretch across Standish.

The sidewalk will be constructed along the east side of M-13, and will travel from as far south as Pamida, north to Independent Bank.

Mayor Mark Winslow said construction is scheduled to begin during the week of July 25. The project is scheduled to be completed before the end of August.

The project is being funded with state funding through a state funded program titled Act 51.

According to a section of Act 51, the program was created to promote safe and efficient travel for motor vehicle drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians, and other legal users of roads, streets, and highways. Winslow said the act allows local governments to receive money for use in major street and sidewalk construction.

“If we can’t use this money for anything else, than is should go into something like this project,” he said. “We had the money in the account and that is what it is going to be used for.”

Winslow said the city council placed a $100,000 cap on the project cost.

“That includes everything,” he said. “That includes construction, engineering, everything. The project cannot go over that cap.”

Winslow said he met with contractors before construction began to discuss final details of the project.

“We had discussed making the sidewalk shorter if we ran out of money, but I think we should be able to make it the way we want to,” he said. “This sidewalk will not go all the way south to the city limits, but maybe we can get it to that point someday.”

Winslow said one section of sidewalk will not be constructed at a vacant lot on M-13, in-between Pine Street and Elm Street in Standish, where O’Reilly Auto Parts is looking to construct a building.

“The city is still in preliminary discussions with O’Reilly Auto Parts about a potential building they want to construct,” he said. “They want to create an easement in front of where the building would be, and they have been having talks with MDOT (Michigan Department of Transportation) about that easement.”

Winslow said the city and the planning commission have talked with O’Reilly and once an agreement with MDOT is reached, the auto parts store can take the next step in opening in Standish.

“At this time we have no zoning issues,” he said. “It is perfectly fine that a business like that could open in that location.”


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