Short town-hall meeting at AE addresses underage drinking

TWINING — Underage drinking has the potential to lead to teen pregnancies, early alcoholism and in the most extreme cases, untimely deaths. That’s why Lori Jacques, counselor at Arenac Eastern High School, has organized a town hall meeting on Sept. 18 to tackle the issue.

“If you look at the MIPHY (Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth), there is a problem in Arenac County with underage drinking,” Jacques said. “Too many kids are binge drinking too early in life.”

The MIPHY is a survey that confidentially questions students on the rate of alcohol and drug use and fitness. The Arenac County MIPHY results on the test taken last spring showed by seventh grade, 42.2 percent of students had drank alcohol in their lifetime, 21.1 percent had their first drink before age 13 and 20 percent had drank recently; ninth grade results reported 69.5 percent of students had drank at least once in their lifetime, while 27.4 had a drink before age 13 and 40.7 percent had drank recently; for eleventh graders, 79.2 percent had drank at least once in their lifetime, 23.4 before age 13 and 40.5 recently.
You see the statistics, hear how it'll be combated on Sept. 10 in issue 37 of the ACI.


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