February 10, 2016

Sheriff’s department warns of gift card scam

Arenac County Sheriff's Department
This post card was recently delivered to a Standish resident, whom police believe was the target of a scam attempt.

STANDISH — A Standish resident appears to be the target of a recent scam attempt, according to Arenac County Undersheriff Donald McIntyre.

“We have one resident who received a post card, which has a toll-free number to call,” he said. “On the post card, it claims you have won this $100 gift card to Target or Walmart. When you call this number, they throw this sales pitch at you and they say you’ll receive additional gift cards if you give them your credit and debit card numbers.”

McIntyre said the individual who reported the alleged scam did not give any financial information to the person who answered the toll-free call.

“He was not defrauded out of any money,” he said. “When he called, they asked for his bank account numbers and credit and debit card numbers, and he wouldn’t give it to them.”

After the call, McIntyre said the Standish man reported the incident to the sheriff’s department and gave officers the post card that he received in the mail.

McIntyre said he is not aware of any other county residents who were target. He said there was a similar incident reported earlier this year in Ohio and North Carolina.

“Persons that have fell victim to this scam in other states have had their credit and debit ran up after giving their numbers to this toll-free number,” he said.

Anyone who believes they have been targets of the alleged scam can contact the sheriff’s department at 989-846-3002.

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