September 26, 2018
Fishin' for thoughts

Seriously, stop


I might be a little judgmental when it comes to politics but it comes from frustration over lack of humanity. What frustrates me even more in politics is the lack of accountability and the senseless partisan clamoring that goes on. One issue in the media I’ve been flabbergasted by lately is the highly mind-boggling Birther movement — the loonies who still believe Obama isn’t an American despite the numerous facts.

This idea was presented last summer during the Presidential campaign and was quickly shot down by John McCain. Then it died down for a while and wasn’t a media issue (I say media because it really isn’t an issue anywhere else). Then for some reason, last month it popped up again. I figured it’d just be a Fox News side show blurb, on the account it was vehemently proved to be false. But no, it gains momentum on account of some Republican senators and representatives giving it accreditation.

Now I’m forced to listen to this mindless drub all over the Internet and television.


This is one of the stupidest anomalies I’ve ever witnessed. I knew people were dumb but not flat-out ignorant… until now.

How can you still possibly believe Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii? Two prominent fact checking organizations have proved it, two Hawaiian newspapers published his birth notice in 1961 and prominent figures in the government have seen his actual birth certificate. I’ve yet to hear anything even close to sane let alone valid from the Birthers proving otherwise… just rednecks at conferences shouting the same old cliché lines, “He wudn’t born in no America! He’s a Muslim-Kenyan who gonna turn us all into socialists!”

Go jump off a cliff.

This is a completely made-up argument that serves no purpose. It’s this kind of thing that baffles me and crushes my soul a little more each day.

So seriously, stop and find something else to fill your day, like the economy or health care or banking per se.


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John, as a writer, how about putting a grammar or word check on your computer? I am sure that you have a bright and illustrious career ahead if you choose to slam the number one news analysis network.

Monday, July 27, 2009 | Report this


I'm lost as to the whole grammar, spelling check thing. What exactly are you referencing? And which number one news analysis station am I slamming? Fox News?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 | Report this

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