September 26, 2018
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Seek help with resolutions


As is the tradition, many of us will make New Year’s resolutions in an effort to better ourselves. Whether it is weight loss, quitting a bad habit or starting a good one, we use this opportunity to start fresh and change something about ourselves we do not like.

A lot of us do not realize how much good it can do to change something in our lives, but it can have a great effect on a day-to-day basis.

Overcoming a daily obstacle can do great things for our self-esteem, not to mention our physical health. The feeling of accomplishment after tackling a great obstacle and succeeding can do wonders.

It is not an easy task, though. We sometimes need to change not only our little habits, but our entire way of life. The hurdles can be great. Whether we need to take baby steps in getting to our goal or giant leaps in a paradigm shift in our lives, the change can be difficult.

When evaluating our resolutions and the path we will take to arrive at our goals, we need to remember our support systems. We need to rely on family and friends to help us get to our destinations.

This can be a great struggle for many of us. Our society’s vision of the rugged individual can make us think we can get there on our own, but we oftentimes cannot. We need support. We need encouragement. We need incentives.

If you find yourself faltering in your resolution, look to someone close to you for help. Sometimes, confessing our own weaknesses and getting them out of the dark corners of our minds can be enough to help overcome the obstacles in the way of achieving our goals.

The simple fact of the matter is that sometimes we need help. Please do not be too proud to ask for assistance if you find yourself faltering.

Do what you need to do to accomplish your goal this year.


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