Second annual Arenac farmer’s market moves to Standish Depot


STANDISH — The second annual Arenac County farmer’s market is getting a change of venue, with a move to the Standish Historical Depot for the 2012 season.

According to Arenac County Soil Conservation Administrator Dawn Hergott, the move was precipitated by a desire to get more exposure.

“The depot approached us about moving it up there,” Hergott said. “It was out at (the district’s) property on Pine River, and it did well, but we thought it would be nice to move uptown.”

According to Sue Stein, spokeswoman for the Standish Historical Depot, the idea to host the market there stemmed from discussions by the Arenac County Heritage Route Authority. She said it would be a good way to not only highlight the farmer's market for people coming through town, but it could also drive traffic into the depot as well.

“We figured it would be better exposure for them and people would stop here and come in,” Stein said, “We’re here to help the community.”

Hergott said the market would be open on Saturdays from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. beginning June 2 and running through October 27. She said the vendors the district has lined up so far plan on selling products ranging from vegetables and berries to syrups, honey, soaps, and flowers.

If someone is interested in becoming a vendor for the market, Hergott said they can contact the conservation district. There is a $10 fee per Saturday. Most vendors only take cash, though Hergott said Project FRESH coupons from the Michigan Department of Community Health are also accepted, and some vendors will take checks as well.

Hergott said the market started in 2011 after years of requests from local farmers and other interested people. The goal was to highlight local products and producers and bring in some additional business to the county.

The exact location of the market on Depot property has not yet been decided, though Stein said it would likely be held on the grassy portion of land in front of the depot, so the vegetables would not have to be near hot pavement from the parking lot.



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