February 5, 2016

Scratch him off the list, baby

By Tim Barnum
News Editor | news@ogemawherald.com
Posted 5/2/11


Well, I was originally planning to run my column making fun of Donald Trump, but I’m sure he has plenty of belligerence to keep me busy for years to come, so change of plans.

Because I am sure that I am the happiest I have ever been to hear that someone is dead.

To me, it is one of those “Where were you when…” moments. Where was I when I found out Osama bin Laden was dead? Well, I was in bed at first, turning in early so I could hit up the gym Monday morning.

Then I heard my landline telephone ringing. Great, I thought, probably my mom calling with some late night question that I didn’t feel like answering.

But, wow! Thank God my mother, a social studies/history/current issues teacher at Standish-Sterling, was still up.

She probably got a pretty good current issue out of the event.

I instantly turned on the television — contacts out of my eyes — and sat about a foot from the TV so I could see what was going on. Friends and I were texting back and forth. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and John King were embarrassing themselves, waiting for President Obama to give his remarks. Fox News posted the announcement “Obama bin Laden killed” along the bottom of the screen.

I’m not making that up, either. Look up the photos online. Afterwards they smartly changed to using “Usama bin Laden,” probably to prevent the unfortunate typo from appearing again (I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt that it was, in fact, a typo).

I was elated. I had trouble falling to sleep. But I still got up in the morning to workout. Actually, I even had a custom playlist for the work out dedicated to Osama’s death. It went “Dead!” by My Chemical Romance, “Are You Dead Yet?” by Children of Bodom, “The Wicked End” by Avenged Sevenfold, “Assassin” by Muse, “Bullet in the Head” by Rage Against the Machine and “How do You Feel?” by 311.

I admit, that last song was for Tim.

I DVR’ed what was supposedly CNN’s “The Alzheimer Epidemic” because I, probably like Wolf Blitzer, was tired of waiting for Obama’s remarks. But I listened to them in the morning.

They were awesome. Hearing about the mission, about how we had the lead in August, how over the past week we were zeroing in, how no American’s were harmed in the act of taking him down, how we tossed his sorry corpse into the ocean because no country wanted to bury him there.

But the best part, and the part that had me near tears, was seeing the people outside of the White House chanting “U.S.A. U.S.A.” and singing “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

When we pull together and celebrate as one, even for a short time, it always gets me. The few moments where there are no partisan games, no infighting, no bloggers spreading rumors and lies — those are the best moments for me.

So I’m going to take a few days to enjoy this. We got him.

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