August 18, 2018

Schools come together for Teen Summit



TWINING — Students from Arenac Eastern and AuGres-Sims schools recently got the chance to learn about positive choices that they can make in their lives.

The 2011 Teen Summit was held at Arenac Eastern school for sixth-through 12th-graders. Guest speakers included comedian Rob Little and Miss Michigan 2010 Katie LaRouche.

Arenac Eastern Superintendent Bill Grusecki said that the focus of the summit was to get students to focus on positive things in their lives.

“We want to teach them to get a good hobby and helping out in (their) community,” he said. “They learned about the making right choices in regards to not getting into substances.”

Grusecki said the more information that gets out to the students, the better off they will be.

“If we can reach one (student) out of 400, then this event is successful to me,” he said. “Maybe, they will make the right choice, rather than making the wrong one.”

With speakers like Little and LaRouche talking with the students, Grusecki said that students might listen to the message a little closer.

“They have ties to the area and that tells me they care,” he said. “Plus, they have a great message to share with the kids.”

Grusecki said that not everything with the event is perfect, but feedback from students shows they are enjoying it. He added that a performance from the youth of the Iosco Pride Team, who gave demonstrations through skits about the effects of drugs and alcohol, was enjoyable for students.

“It’s a long morning in the gym, that’s the only negative thing,” he said. “The students loved watching the pride team. I think that’s because those students are the same age, and they can relate.”

Grusecki said that the pride team set up a stage and played music that related to the students in attendance.

He said that the two districts will see positive results from the event and he believes that the two districts will look to do more with the Teen Summit in the future.

“You read all the stuff in the papers about harassment and bullying in schools and this whole day is about making better decisions about issues like that,” he said. “It’s about making good friends and good decisions. I think that cooperatively with AuGres, we can pool all of our kids together at one time and save some money if we have a guest speaker come in.”


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