SSC to open bids on storm damage restoration in June

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A storage shed at Standish-Sterling Central High School was leveled by high winds last November.
Courtesy photo
Little remains of a baseball dugout after a storm in November.

STANDISH — The financial effects of property damage to the Standish-Sterling school district caused by high winds last November will be known when the board of education opens bids on repairs during its June meeting, according to Superintendent Darren Kroczaleski.

The cost of the damage has only been estimated so far by the district’s insurance company, but repairs are expected to exceed $100,000, Kroczaleski said.

“It’s in the neighborhood of $150,000,” he said. “The claim is still open in case we come up with more stuff than that.”

The storm that left homes without power and trees and limbs scattered throughout the county for several days leveled a 48-by-32-foot storage building on the high school grounds, knocked down a cinder block dugout and also tore off shingles and damaged fencing, Kroczaleski said.

The storage shed that was destroyed was used to store athletic and physical education equipment, Kroczaleski said. He said the dugout that was damaged was the varsity home dugout.

“It took the roof off. The roof went to the west, and the blocks went to the north,” he said. “It was pretty much leveled. There were a few blocks standing.”

Kroczaleski said fencing that was damaged included the fence around the tennis court on the high school grounds and the junior varsity baseball field on the middle school grounds.

Kroczaleski said he expects the actual cost of the repairs to be pretty close to what the insurance company estimated, and he does not expect the district to have to significantly dip into its own coffers.

“When we get the bids, we’ve got to see how much we’re going to be charged,” he said. “We’ve got an estimated cost that the insurance company estimated. It all depends on what the bids come in over what the insurance company is willing to give us.”

The board of education’s June meeting is scheduled for June 16 at 5 p.m. The board approved putting the repairs out to bid in May.


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