SSC hosts first swim meet


STANDISH-STERLING - Sep. 18, 2008 - It turned out to be an exciting night for both teams.

Ogemaw Heights earned its first dual meet girls swim victory of the season Thursday with a 105-71 victory at Standish-Sterling, which was hosting its first-ever varsity girls swim meet.

The Panthers, with no competitive swim experience at any level, one just one event: the 200 free relay team of Katie LaPrairie, Jennifer Lentz, Samantha Oehmke, Emily Polczynski (2:11.97) that took second but bumped up to the top spot after an Ogemaw Heights disqualification.

But at this point, winning was clearly secondary to SSC.

"The girls were very excited," said Standish-Sterling coach Noreen Izzo. "They have such great attitudes. They were really looking forward to their first home meet.

"The girls did great, and they all reached the time goals they'd set for themselves. I think they've really surprised everyone with how well they did."

About the only glitch for SSC came out of the water, where its computerized scoring system glitched until it was straightened out with some help from some experienced hands from Ogemaw Heights.

Ogemaw Heights had winning performances from Bailey Gilmore, Lisa Alley, Shaina Krieger and Mary Krieger in the 200-medley relay; Morgan Dantzer in the 200-free; Alley in the 200-individual medley; Gilmore in the 50-free and 500-free; Mary Krieger in diving; Erna Spannagel in the 100-butterfly and 100-back; Laurine Shields in the 100-breast; and Shaina Krieger, Alesha Wood, Trista Garland, and Stephanie Brindley in the 400-free relay.

For SSC, second-place finishers included Emily Gillings in the 200-free and 500-free; Alli Collier in the 50-free; Shaylyn Cuttitta in diving; Sarah Cousins in the 100-breast; and McKaylin Mitrzyk, Lisa Yenior, Cuttitta and Becky Poirier in the 400-free.

Ogemaw Heights travels to Essexville Garber on Sept. 23, for its next meet. Standish-Sterling, with an abbreviated schedule next competes at Ogemaw Heights' Falcon Invitational on Sept. 27, and then has away meets at Oscoda on Oct. 14 and at Ogemaw on Oct. 21.

Ogemaw Top 3:

200 Medley Relay - 1. Bailey Gilmore, Lisa Alley, Shaina Krieger, Mary Krieger (2:26.05); 2. Alesha Wood, Jaci Clark, Trista Garland, Erna Spannagel (2:33.54).

200 Free - 1. Morgan Dantzer (2:38.00); 3. Alesha Wood (2:58.69).

200 IM - 1. Lisa Alley (2:46.61); 2. Jaci Clark (3:01.49).

50 Free - 1. Bailey Gilmore (32.18); 3. Brigid Loar (36.57).

Diving - 1. Mary Krieger (170.05).

100 Butterfly - 1. Erna Spannagel (1:16.92); 2. Morgan Dantzer (1:27.89).

500 Free - 1. Bailey Gilmore (6:59.82); 3. Alesha Wood (8:18.71).

200 Free Relay - 3. Ines Engelmann, Janet Chan, Brigid Loar, Alissa Bunnell (2:51.22).

100 Back - 1. Erna Spannagel (1:18.85); 2. Stephanie Brindley (1:33.87).

100 Breast - 1. Laurine Shields (1:30.14).

400 Free Relay - 1. Shaina Krieger, Alesha Wood, Trista Garland, Stephanie Brindley (5:15.03);

Standish-Sterling Top 3:

200 Medley Relay - 3. Jennifer Lentz, Lisa Yenior, Becky Poirier, Emily Polczynski (2:47.41).

200 Free - 2. Emily Gillings (2:50.12).

200 IM - 3. McKaylyn Mitrzyk (3:24.61).

50 Free - 2. Alli Collier (33.07).

Diving - 2. Shaylyn Cuttitta (115.65); 3. Kellie Izzo (105.65).

500 Free - 2. Emily Gillings (7:50.01).

200 Free Relay - 1. Katie LaPraire, Jennifer Lentz, Samantha Oehmke, Emily Polczynski (2:11.97).

100 Back - 3. Jennifer Lentz (1:39.48).

100 Breast - 2. Sarah Cousins (1:38.96); 3. Brooke Baker (1:43.91).

400 Free Relay - 2. McKaylin Mitrzyk, Lisa Yenior, Shaylyn Cuttitta, Becky Poirier (5:52.51); 3. Kellie Izzo, Alli Collier, Brooke Baker, Emily Gillings (6:16.43).


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