Round Two — $737,509.42

Tribe nearly doubles first round numbers in second sharing session


STANDISH TOWNSHIP — If you thought the $378,543 distributed by the Saginaw-Chippewa Indian Tribe during its first round of two-percent class three gaming revenue sharing in May was significant, you should have been at the Saganing Tribal Center on Nov. 24, when the Tribe doled out $737,509.42.

While schools were considered the big winners in May, receiving $132,490 between Standish-Sterling Community Schools (S-S), Arenac Eastern School District (AE), Pinconning Area Schools District (PAS) and the AuGres-Sims Schools District (AGS), Lincoln Township got the biggest bounty this round, receiving a check from the Tribe for $180,382.34.

According to Lincoln Township Supervisor Dave Hertzberg, the bulk of the funds will be used to improve Sagatoo Road.

“Being a township official, we don’t have a lot of good days,” Hertzberg said. “Today is one of those good days, especially if you’re in Lincoln Township.”

And while the Tribe aims to use the two-percent funds for earmarked items such as the Sagatoo Road project, six townships – Pinconning, Whitney, Sims, AuGres, Mason and Deep River – all received checks of $14,382.34 for general fund injections.

“The monies are not earmarked at this time,” said AuGres Township Clerk Sharilyn Hadden during the ceremony. “Those monies will be used for improvements. … We guarantee the money will be well spent.”

Other government recipients of two-percent funds included Arenac County ($15,583: Sunrise Senior Services); the City of AuGres ($27,500: public safety operations and bike path funding); the City of Standish Police Department ($32,911.50: new police car); Arenac Township ($26,118.32: handicap ramp replacement and general allocation); Standish Township ($56,919.58); and Turner Township ($50,382.34: road gravel project and general fund allotment).

And while the schools may not have been the largest recipients this round, the three Arenac County Districts plus Pinconning didn’t walk away empty handed, especially in the case of Arenac Eastern, which received $155,354 for a list of items that included a new bus ($76,000) and five “smart” boards ($12,000).

“When you invest in the future of young people, it’s never a gamble,” said AE Superintendent Rocky Aldrich after being recognized as a recipient by Saginaw-Chippewa Indian Tribe Public Relations Manager Frank Cloutier.

For S-S, which also received a check to fund a number of items, $71,989.72 was allocated. PAS and AGS both received checks in excess of $15,000 as well.

Two-percent funds are derived from slot machine revenues at the Saganing Eagle’s Landing Casino in Standish Township.


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