Road commission completes work on East City Limits Road

Says Pine River Bridge work likely to run long


ARENAC COUNTY — Repairs to East City Limits Road in Lincoln and Standish townships have been completed, according to Arenac County Road Commission Superintendent Blair Dyer.

Dyer said East City Limits was built up by 18 inches, and the ditches alongside the road were cleared to help reduce erosion problems. A geotextile mat was placed above the ground’s layer of clay with “about a foot of sand” and 6 inches of gravel on top of it.

“The geotextile cloth is a material that keeps the clay under the road from mixing with the sand,” Dyer said. “The soils out there are pretty poor, so you put the mat down and it keeps the bad material underneath from going up into the road bed.”

He said crews also had to readjust the slope of the road to account for the additional height to get proper drainage, and installed new culverts along the road to further encourage drainage.

Finally, a layer of asphalt millage from the Pine River Bridge — which runs over the Pine River on Arenac State Road — which is being torn up for a complete overhaul, was set along the surface. The road’s work final bill has not been figured out yet, but Dyer estimated that the work cost about $115,000, split between both townships and the road commission. Dyer believes the work was worth the price.

“It should stay fine. I don’t expect to see it break up like it did in the spring,” Dyer said. “It was almost impossible to get through in the spring.”

Lincoln Township Trustee Noreen Walter mentioned at the township’s Aug. 8 meeting that she had even seen a sheriff’s department car get stuck in the mud along East City Limits prior to the work getting finished.

East City Limits Road was untouched within Standish city limits, however, as the city declined to fund work along its stretch of road at this time.

Dyer said work on the Pine River Bridge itself is still progressing, though the commission has hit some snags in the process.

“We had some bad stringers (beams running longitudinally under the bridge deck) across the big metal beams,” Dyer said. “A couple were rusted quite bad, so we have to repair that rust.”

He said the next step, pouring the concrete for the new bridge deck, should happen within the next few weeks. Once that is done, the concrete will need to set for about seven days.

Dyer said the project, originally projected to be done in early October, will now likely run until late October, provided everything goes smoothly from here on out.


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