Recall petitions filed and awaiting verification


Updated Feb. 11 at 9:18 a.m.

STANDISH — Recall petitions for four members of the Standish-Sterling Community Schools District Board of Education were filed on Jan. 26, and local township clerks are verifying the signatures, which total about 1,200, according to Arenac County Clerk Ricky Rockwell.

Recall language was filed last October against board president Jerry Nelson and vice-president Gary McFarland as well as board members Brenda Golimbieski and Kim Koin, by Kim Hadd of Standish.

According to a notice from the Standish-Sterling board of education, Nelson resigned from his position effective Feb. 2. The board is looking for someone to fill that position and asks that applications be turned in by Feb. 22 at 3 p.m. in order to appoint the new member who will serve until the school election in November.

Rockwell said he is asking for the local clerks to finish their work within seven days. The clerks have to check signatures to make sure that each person was a registered voter at the time of signing, he said.

Rockwell said if all the signatures are verified, the recall election would be held May 4.

Reasons for the recall language being filed included:

• Violation of Code of Conduct for a School Board Member (Nelson and McFarland).

• Meeting outside of scheduled board meeting times discussing school related issues (Nelson, McFarland, Golimbieski).

• Not acting on behalf of district regarding proper layoff procedure.

• Board of Education special meeting held Aug. 18, 2009 — a motion was made and passed, but was ignored and public comment was disallowed in violation of the Board’s Policies and Procedures.

Only the fourth point about the special board meeting was approved to go on the petitions after a hearing in October.

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I feel sad this had to come to this. I hope the future school board members will learn from this and listen to the people who elected them to their positions. I respect Mr. Nelson for resigning and saving the taxpayers money. I hope the other three board members will consider resigning too and then we can move on. Hopefully we can learn from this and grow.

Thursday, February 4, 2010 | Report this


Everyone knows that this recall has been promoted by one long serving school board member who can no longer control the minds and decisions of the other board members. You see......those petitioned do not have direct relatives employed by the school district. This is all about "FAMIILY PROTECTING FAMILY". Many people know that the petitioners falsely represented themselves regarding what was on the petition. Lies and more lies.

1. Disgruntled secretries whose hours were cut back for the summer Did we really need that many full time secretaries? No and we all knew it! Former Supt. hired excessively before he left when money was abundant.

2. Dairy farmer - protecting his neice who was pink-slipped with low seniority and his daughter who is a teacher. Cash cow is going to save the district and his family. The other good twin has nothing to do with this joke!

3. Big Lady: protecting her family of football misfits using the Building Trades program as the excuse. People care more about replacing that football staff than any academic program at Standish Sterling.

4. Questionable principal ( Secretary does all the work!) and wannabee superindendent. Hired relative after relative! Mr. " All in the Family" Give me a break.!

5. Hairdresser - Also related to teachers and good friends with the Transportation Director whose daughter was pink-slipped with lowest seniority of the elem and middle school with the right qualifications.

6. Shop/ Retired Teacher / Union The well is drying up. Building Trades is called the "Social" class by the Principals. Most of the contractors do the work and are paid well. When they didn't have work to do...they played and you can with power tools. Lots of kids injured due to goofing off and poor supervision. The "honest" kids have come forth and spilled the beans on what really goes on. Little work..., and ,too many kids standing around. Don't waste our money. Work with Habitat for Humanity or go to the Skill Center for vocational training . We need Reading, Writing and Math for our kids....

Union - Bout time you start paying like everyone else... Take cut for once! Spoiled & Selfish.

Biggest joke is no teacher lost a job.......those recalled board members supported a buy-out to keep the pink-slipped district employees and reduce the budget. But Petitioner's keep it up.....ruin this schools reputation and the School of Choice students that keep the district afloat will be pulling their kids out of this district , Standish will be end up with a deficit like the other schools. in Michigan! The fools mentality that using up the the fund balance is the cure is crap.

3/4 of the teachers are excellent and support those four recalled Boord Members......Thank You for your hard work and dedication to promoting successful futures for our kids.

This community of taxpayers is tired of the STANDISH-STERLING EMPLOYMENT AG0ENCY !

Board Members - Appoint someone who is not related to anyone. We do not need more school board members who have spouses as district employees. The taxpayers DO NOT want you to resign !

Sunday, February 7, 2010 | Report this

I signed the petitons and I will vote yes for the recall. It is about time someone stands up to the "good ole boys" club in Arenac County.

This comment from windy22 is typical of the ole club wanting to stop any new change and to do things different. Go for the juglar and not the facts.

Instead of posting all this nasty nasty, maybe windy22 could shed some light on what the current administration and current school board members are doing about the drugs in the school.

It sure wasn't positive advertisment to have SSC plastered all over newspapers and local tv about the drug problem there. I would be more worried about the drugs instead of the recall. Looks like the recall is needed more now than ever because of this latest drug bust at SSC.

If I recall right I think the building trades was working with Habitat and worked on the lastest home. Maybe if building trades had been open these students wouldn't have had so much time on their hands and gotten messed up with the drugs. Maybe if the current school board hadn't done away with after school programs and alternative ed there wouldn't be the drug problem SSC has.

Monday, February 8, 2010 | Report this

windy22 who are you? Better yet are you nuts? If you only had a clue, the teachers all supported us. That is why this all happened. I can not belive you did not try to state my agenda. It had nothing to do with the secetarys. It had to do with the way the school is getting ran into the ground. If you belive in what you are posting Please state your real name, My name is Brandon Dickhausen and I belive that this recall is a great thing for the school.

Monday, February 8, 2010 | Report this

Bravo! Another fine performance from our super. Windy 22 you have just proven again that you cannot let things rest-you are constantly stirring the pot. So you are saying that no school employees should be related to each other??? Do you realize that 75% of the school employees are related to one person or another that work there? Are you saying that none of those people deserve their jobs? If so, are you saying that your secretary, who was hired when her father was on the board and your business person, who was hired because he was friends with the last super only got their jobs because of who they were and not because they were the most qualified for the job??? And wasn't there a job eliminated then recreated when your YOUR son-in-law needed a job? Your quote was that the "biggest joke was that no teacher lost a job". Is this a joke or some kind of game for you because I would think of that as a good thing.

YOU are constantly lying and providing misinformation. I can speak for the majority when I say that using up the fund balance is not a good idea. That is no one's intention. And you think that we aren't smart enough to see that you are spending money out of fund equity to buy buses on an off year, just so you can say that we are in a deficit? Is that how you spend your own money? Do you go buy things this year that you don't need just because you MIGHT need them next year or the year after? Good money manager.

Maybe you need to get a real job instead of writing stupid articles and spending half of your day going to to the schools to take pictures. Since when does it take two people (you and the big red head) to take a few pictures? Money well spent there.

I guess you are not going to change your ways. I thought maybe you would be a little nicer considering you have gone for several job interviews and found out that no other schools want you. Oh and by the way, you better reevaluate who is backing you because as you continue to put your foot in your mouth, the handful of people that were behind you are beginning to see the light.

I don't really understand your comment about " petitioners falsely representing themselves regarding what was on the petition". Isn't this public information? Aren't you allowed to read the petition before you sign it? You have helped make your recalled board members look even more ridiculous by trying to reinstate building trades after they have been trying to prove for months that it was an unnecessary program. Does that mean your financial crisis is over????

You are a piece of work.

Monday, February 8, 2010 | Report this

OUCH looks like windy22 hit a nerve Mr. DICKhausen sorry but I agree with every thing he or she said. Also I didn't realize The teachers ran the school there JOB is to teach the children if they don't like it they can walk back out the door they came in. People need to face reality, no person of any occupation in todays economy has a secure job. Furthermore, I believe the recall is a terrible thing for our children.

Monday, February 8, 2010 | Report this

All of the name calling and bickering back and forth will not change today. The voters in Standish-Sterling district have a choice in May. yes or no. Windy22 comments were mean and uncalled for. Try sticking to the facts.

The recall wording was very simple and easy to read. People had a choice to sign them or not. Enough signed to warrent the vote in May. All of this above really doesn't matter any more. It is all old news that has been hashed over and over. The petitions were signed and turned in.

Now we just wait until May and see what happens then. Hopefully lessons will be learned and we can all move on.

Monday, February 8, 2010 | Report this

Not one word was mentioned at last nights school board meeting about drugs. No change in policy. No change in procedures. No nothing. These board members acted just like nothing happened two weeks ago with that drug scare. What is it with these board members? Students could of died. When will a students life become important to these board members to make some hard and necessary changes? After a student dies it won't matter what procedures or policies get changed after the fact.

These board members have a high school principal who couldn't discipline his way out of a paper bag in the elementary now in charge of the high school. If he couldn't handle the students in the elementary and support the teachers what would make these board members and superintendent even think he could handle the high school? Students have organzied fights. Students tell the teachers to "f**k off" in class. Cell phones are ringing while classes are in session. And now Standish-Sterling makes the headlines in the papers for controlled substances getting passed around like these pills were candy.

And windy22 doesn't think we need a recall???? What gives with that? What needs to be done is the current school board needs to go, the high school principal needs to go and the useless superintendent who should of never been hired in the first place needs to go.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 | Report this

Still windy22 has not stated her name and pdogit22 came to the rescue. Neigher one of them has the guts to say who they are. If you belive what you are writting put your name on it. Once again my name is Brandon Dickhausen.Spanky I could not belive the Drugs was not brung up. I guess if you ignore problems they go away. Also thank you for attending the meeting, that is how we can fix the problems. Thank you Standishsterling and charskow. Once again windy22 and pdogit22 State your name also please state what recent board meetings you attended? You sound very uninformed. They are always the second monday of each month at 6pm in the high school band room. By the way I have no Family who works at the school. My adgenda is to make this the best school for yours and my kids. Thank you Brandon Dickhausen

Thursday, February 11, 2010 | Report this

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