Recall petitioners tell board signatures are collected, request resignations


STANDISH — Enough signatures have been gathered to put the recall of four Standish-Sterling Board of Education members on a May election ballot.

Petitioners made the announcement publicly before the board at its regular meeting held Dec. 14.

Kim Hadd, a Standish resident and Standish-Sterling parent who has been spearheading the petition drive, announced during the public comment period of the board meeting that the recall required 989 signatures to be gathered in 90 days, and the signatures were collected within 30 days.

“I will continue collecting signatures to cover for a margin of error,” Hadd said.

Brandon Dickhausen, a Standish-Sterling graduate and parent, was looking for immediate action, however, when he addressed the board Monday.

“In order to save the district money for the price of this recall election, I am respectfully asking for your resignation effective immediately,” he said. He also addressed Superintendent Michael Dodge, saying he reacts by being “defensive” when questioned. Dickhausen also requested Dodge’s resignation.

Arenac County Clerk Ricky Rockwell said the deadline to file the signatures is next month.

“If they turn them in on or before the 29th of January, it will be a May election,” Rockwell said. He added signatures would also have to be certified.


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You have been duped !!! The writer of this article must have known this by the way the article was written. This group does not have 1/4 of the signatures needed for this riduculous recall !!!. So many lies have been told by this group.... and the people who believe are the family members of the pink-slipped employees teachers who by the way happen to be the lowest seniority employees of the district, MEA union. Get real here folks.... the taxpayers can not afford to keep going down this same path. READ A DIFFERENT NEWSPAPER if you haven't heard, SCHOOLS IN MICHIGAN ARE IN A FINANCIAL CRISIS. Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 18, 2009 | Report this

"Windy22"-do you have any idea what is going on? First of all, if you knew what was going on you would know that all the signatures have been collected. How would you have any idea how many signatures have been collected? I guess you will learn soon enough. Secondly, the pink slipped teachers WERE NOT the lowest seniority teachers-that was part of the problem surrounding that issue. Lastly, if you read that latest budget report, you would see that SSC has $5.7 million in the bank...not to say that they are not being affected by the tough economic times, but financial crisis? Find a new phrase...

Saturday, December 19, 2009 | Report this

Wow windy22 you sound alot like Mike Dodge. Are these his words, or are you copying him ? : ) Either way it doesnt matter, what you've wrote here are lies and you will not be writing them too much longer! StandishSterling is right on and the signatures are collected . Now we just need to collect for the margin of error. Windy22 please attend the January board meeting on the 11th at 6pm, this way you can be informed before spouting off. Have a Merry Christmas as well!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009 | Report this

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