Proposed gate would keep large vehicles from water access



ARENAC TOWNSHIP — The Saginaw Bay public access on Hale Road in Arenac Township may be limited to those walking or on ATVs, as a way to preserve the road near the Saginaw Bay.

Township Supervisor James Daly said a posting of a gate has been proposed to keep trucks and large vehicles from driving to the water’s edge.

“We are still unsure of what is going to happen, yet,” he said. “A gate may be posted to keep pickups from tearing the ground up.”

Daly said the township is still unsure if, or when, a gate will be constructed, and a decision will not be made until surveys are finalized.

Currently, the Arenac Conservation District and the Department of Natural Resources are surveying the land and determining where the road’s high water mark is located.

Daly said that trucks may be allowed to travel to the end of the road during the winter months when the ground is frozen.

“We are still in the early stages of discussion,” he said. “There has not been a lot of traffic at the end of the road, but there has been enough to cause a concern.”

Hale Road will also see construction beginning in the next few months. Daly said the Arenac County Drain Commission will be opening a storm drain along the side of the road.

“The drain will run alongside of the road out to the (Saginaw) Bay,” he said.

This is not the first time that traffic has been an issue on Hale Road. In 2008, 23rd Circuit Court Judge William Myles ruled that the South end of Hale Road stretching to Saginaw Bay is public property, contradicting what some area property owners along Hale Road believed.

“The road (Hale Road), when it was constructed was to go to the water’s (Saginaw Bay) edge,” Myles said in circuit court in December 2008.


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