Professional athletes need to think before acting



When are athletes going to start using their brains?

Sorry, University of Michigan football fans, but I am about to tear apart one of the most talented players to ever play for the school.

Let me start this column by saying that Braylon Edwards is a joke.

Drinking and driving is serious, and anyone who does it should be thrown in jail and have the key thrown out.

For those who don’t know, Edwards was recently arrested for a DUI in New York at around 5 a.m. The police pulled over the former Michigan football star for having tinted windows that were too dark. When the officer questioned Edwards, he smelled of alcohol. Edwards was given a Breathalyzer, and he blew a 0.16.

There are so many reasons that this incident should have never happened.

Reason one: Don’t be an idiot. When you are out and you have a few drinks, don’t drive. That sounds simple right? Well not for Big Shot Braylon.

Reason two: The New York Jets, the team that Edwards plays for, offers a Player Protect Program. This program is used for players who may need a ride home, or assistance. Someone from the Jets organization will come and pick a player up so they do not have to risk their life and the lives of others.

Last but not least, reason three: This is not the first time Edwards has been involved in a situation like this.

Back in 2009, when Edwards was still a member of the Cleveland Browns, he was drinking with teammate Donté Stallworth. Later that night, Stallworth was driving home when he hit and killed a pedestrian.

So with this list of reasons, and about a million others not mentioned, you would think Edwards would have not put himself in that situation. Yet he did,

You might think to yourself, “What was the punishment?” Well Mr. Edwards got a slap on the wrist and had to sit out one quarter in the team’s next game against the Miami Dolphins, where Edwards scored a touchdown and was a huge part of the Jets win.

How easily things can be forgotten.

There is just one simple question I want to ask Edwards. Why?

Why do this, Braylon? Did you think you would not get caught? Do you think you’re invincible? I just don’t understand why.

Here is a guy who has all the money and talent in the world, yet he does not think.

Edwards was a star at Michigan, but his NFL career has been filled with inconstant and lackluster play.

I hope the commissioner, Roger Goodell, comes down hard on Edwards. He has had opportunity after opportunity.

People can say what they want about Michael Vick and his dog fighting scandal. There is not one person I know who condones what Vick did. But he did his time and paid the price for it. He lost all of his money and all of his endorsements. Now he is back and better than ever, winning football games. When star players are winning, people forget the bad they have done.

Vick has done his time, but we should not forget what he did. He is a fun player to watch. I enjoy all of the great talent in professional sports. But these people are not heroes.

The same should happen with Edwards. He is a great talent, and he was spectacular of the University of Michigan.

These athletes are not above the law, and we as fans need to remember that.


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Maybe if we didn't pay them like the king of moneytown they'd feel less invincible.

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