Police union ratifies contract


STANDISH — After a meeting with its members Jan. 20, the Police Officers Association of Michigan (POAM) has agreed to ratify its contract with Arenac County.

According to Arenac County Labor Relations Manager Bill Borushko, union representatives met with officials Jan. 14 to discuss the POAM contract that was agreed upon in August but was never ratified due to alleged disagreements between the POAM and the former administration.

“It was a really good meeting (on Jan. 20),” Borushko said. “We tweaked a couple things to fit; there was a little change to seniority. It was a great meeting with myself, Sheriff (James) Mosciski, Commissioner (Mike) Snyder, (POAM Representative) Dan Kuhn and (Deputy) Jason Cockrell.

POAM Representative Dan Kuhn says the meeting was a complete change of pace from what he was used to.

“It was great,” he said. “It was like a whole new county. The whole atmosphere was better.”

Borushko added all other aspects of the contract mirror that of the other Arenac County unions – insurance pay is the same, wage increases are the same – 2.5 percent; two percent and two percent over the next two years (2008 is the first year of the contract). The only exception is retroactive pay, which he says is higher due to the majority of the POAM members being 40-hour employees who work a lot of overtime.

“The attitude of the employer; the willingness to talk in good faith; the residents of Arenac County ought to be happy with the new administration. The new commissioner (Mike Snyder) whom we met with was very decent. It was the first time, I can say, in four years that we were able to really bargain,” Kuhn said.

He says he expects the contract to be signed at the next board meeting on Feb 3.


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