Police arrest three in string of vehicle break-ins



AuGRES — A string of larcenies ended the same day it began after officers from the AuGres-Sims Police Department the and Arenac County Sheriff Department arrested three suspects.

A ccording to the Au Gres-Sims Police Department, in the early morning hours of Sept. 5, a number of vehicles were broken into in Sims Township, on Oak Street, Pine Street, and Bessinger Road.

AuGres-Sims Officer Jason Trapp said a number of items were stolen from the vehicles including a laptop, cameras, mp3 players and a moped.

“Right now, we have seven vehicles that have been reported to be broken into,” Trapp said. “More people have been coming in.”

He said with the help of the Arenac County Sheriff’s Department and some of the victims, the suspects were apprehended the same evening.

“It turned out that one of the victims was at a party the night before and was able to identify one of the suspects,” Trapp said.

He said that all three suspects are male and include one 18-year-old AuGres resident and two Grand Rapids residents, ages 17 and 18.

“The Grand Rapids residents have a cabin in the area,” Trapp said. “These three (suspects) were friends.”

Trapp said he and two deputies from the Arenac County Sheriff’s Department were called to a residence on E. 7th Street in Sims Township off of Crescent Drive.

He said that the residence was where the two Grand Rapids men were staying. He added that when they arrived, one suspect fled on foot.

“We set up a sting to catch him,” Trapp said. “We took the cars away and left one officer there. The suspect eventually came back, and we caught him.”

After catching two suspects, Trapp said they gave him a name of an AuGres resident who was later apprehended.

Trapp said that there has been a rise in break-ins in the area, but he is happy with safety in the area.

“This was the first time for these (suspects) in this case,” he said. “We were lucky to catch them the same day.”


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