Pinconning Township interested in Standish water


PINCONNING TWP. — Pinconning Township and nearby communities are looking at getting water through the city of Standish, according to Standish City Manager Curt Hillman.

During the Standish council meeting Oct. 15, Hillman said he had recently been contacted by the township about possibly supplying water to it, Fraser Township, and the city of Pinconning.

“We’d have a big meter at the county line, and they would it from there,” Hillman said. “We sell them water, and they pay us.”

Hillman added it was only for water, and not for sewage treatment.

Pinconning Township Supervisor Sharon Stalsberg said Bay County is looking at forming a water authority with Saginaw and Midland counties, and would be building a new water plant to go along with it. Since Pinconning is so far north, she said she was investigating all the options available to the township for water so they could make the best choice.

Stalsberg said the township is looking at continuing water service from Bay County, getting water from Standish, or putting up its own micro-filtration system. She said the township is currently waiting to hear pricing back from Standish to discuss at the next board meeting.

“We have no loyalty either way, but if we can help Standish out after the prison left, why not?” Stalsberg said. “We have to do what’s best for everyone, and we have 500 customers, plus the city.”

Stalsberg said since the water would come from the same Saginaw Bay water table there should not be any quality issues.

Hillman said the city would need to run a water line to the Bay County line, and Stalsberg said the township already has lines at the county line to begin with, so it would require minimal work to link with any lines coming in from Standish.

A line from Standish to Bay County would run through Lincoln and Standish townships, Hillman said, opening the possibility of supplying water to those communities as well. Hillman said he had assurances from the city’s water plant that it could handle the additional volume of supplying water to the southern communities.

Stalsberg said she could not put a timetable on any decisions or development at this time, and Hillman said discussions were still in the early stages. He said he was interested in having more, however.

Standish Councilman Ed Reno said he supported the project provided it made financial sense for the city, and Hillman expected the details to take shape as discussions continue.


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