Part-time cooks to handle meal preparation at jail


ARENAC COUNTY — When Standish Max officially discontinues providing the Arenac County Jail with inmate meals on Oct. 24, three part-time cooks, yet to be hired, will be put on the jail payroll to fire up the jail kitchen and prepare three meals a day.

“We’re figuring that we can do it for about $1.50 (per meal) as opposed to the 66 cents” from the prison,” said sheriff James Mosciski. “I’m going to have to do some shopping for bargains, which I’m going to do. … We can’t buy in bulk like the prison did.”

According to Board of Commissioners Chairman Raymond Daniels, the budget for the meal service at the jail would be about $98,000, but Mosciski was able to save about $24,000, dropping the cost to roughly $74,000.

“He thinks he can save some money in corrections,” Daniels said. “He’s going to cut some hours on some part-timers.”

“We won’t have to have as many people working in corrections because we won’t have someone to go pick up the meals,” Mosciski added.

Mosciski said the part-time meal providers will work a combined 80 hours every two weeks.

However, firing up the jail’s kitchen has already caused some concern, as Daniels said the county has already spent $1,000 in getting the kitchen ready for daily use.

“We had to buy a new stove,” he said. “That’s kind of our biggest fear.”

Before the new cooks are brought on board the county payroll, though, Daniels said there are still some administrative measures that need to be taken.

“We’re not sure if they’re going to be part-time union employees, or just part-time county workers,” Daniels said.

He added the estimated cost of labor for the new employees would be about $36,000 per year combined.


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