Painting projects and magic tricks


For months –– actually years –– my mom has been complaining about the color of my room. I, on the other hand, loved it, but I finally gave in and let her have her way.

Next thing you know we were on our way to pick up a gallon of paint.

Now, I was having issues with this because I loved the color of my room –– a pinkish/red –– and I thought it was going to remain that color at least until I moved out. But we all know how that went (still living at home trying to pay off college loans, blah, blah, blah).

Since I was giving her what she wanted, I decided to go with a safe gray color that I liked. That way, she could leave it and it wouldn’t be as bad as the color it was covering up.

I know it sounds silly, but I was pretty attached to the color of my room. Like I said before, I loved it. But it was time for a change, so we bought the gray paint, drove home and started on the little project.

I say little, but it was not LITTLE at all.

You see, I knew Mom planned on painting my room, so I moved everything out of it earlier in the day, washed the walls and vacuumed the floor. But little did I know that as soon as we started painting she would turn into a magician.

My oldest brother Nick used to live and teach in Colon. If you haven’t heard of this place, I am not surprised, but it is the magic capital of the world. We took many trips there and visited Abbott’s Magic Shop a couple times, but I was still quite surprised when my mom showed me what she learned from those trips…

She disappeared!

Actually she and my dad took a quick trip (well, it was supposed to be quick) to her cousin’s house on Sage Lake.

Needless to say, when she returned (three hours later) I was just finishing up the second coat of paint.

Before she left, she told me to paint close to the ceiling, but not all the way –– she would handle it when she returned. (Basically she didn’t want me to paint close to the ceiling because she knew I would get paint on it and she didn’t want to have to paint my ceiling too.)

Well, I guess I should have handled that too, because we have to repaint the ceiling. I guess her hand isn’t as steady as it used to be, or maybe her eyes aren’t as sharp…

Anyway, as I was painting the trim around the door, she was standing on a step stool waiting for me to hand her the roller with paint on it. I told her not to step down because she would step in the paint bucket that SHE had set there. She waited a minute longer before getting too impatient and stepping down, SPILLING the bucket of paint onto the carpet!

As we raced to grab the bucket before it made a bigger mess, she yelled at me to hurry and grab a bucket of water. I had a hand covered in gray paint and was moving the fastest I could.

When I finally got the bucket back to my room, she began scrubbing, making the large gray stain in the carpet worse.

After she decided to just throw some newspapers over the stain, we finished the room –– with hardly any more catastrophes.

I guess I can’t complain about having to do most of the work myself, because the room looks great.

Not to mention, I finally get a new bedspread after all the years of waiting. And from the sounds of it, new carpet as well…


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