Only reading online/in print? You’re only getting part of the story


As our readers are probably aware, there are two different versions of our publications every week — our traditional print version that comes out once a week, and the online version that is updated daily. What you may not realize is, if you’re only reading in print or online, you’re not seeing everything we have to offer. 

Both mediums have their advantages, and we do our best to cater what we publish in each toward those advantages. 

Sure, you will see some stories in both places. But there are many things you will only see in one place or the other. 

One of those would be the special pages we run throughout the month in our print editions. Those include our health and fitness, education, agriculture and outdoors and business and finance pages. Each page is filled with news and feature stories pertaining to those subjects, and you won’t find any of those stories online. They offer a great glimpse into the many things going on in our community. 

Our print edition also includes many feature stories that do not appear online, including veterans features throughout the year, and other stories about the interesting people in our community. Many of our long-form feature stories are print exclusives — if you aren’t picking up the print edition each week, you’re not seeing them. 

We also exclusively run community announcements in the print edition. That includes everything from successful hunters, campus news, engagement and wedding announcements, and more. You won’t find any of those online — they only appear in print, as well. 

Court reports, police beat, vital stats and your thoughts are all exclusive to print.

And we can’t forget our classifieds sections, which remain exclusive to print in each county. If you’re looking for a great deal, or searching for a home or a job, the print edition is still the best product to pick up.

Our websites offer a lot of exclusives as well. As technology continues to evolve, it allows us to post things to the web that we could never dream of putting in a print newspaper. Video, for example, is something we have been including more frequently on our websites. It gives an entirely different view of what is going on at an event. 

The best thing about the web is its immediacy. We cover breaking news, as it happens. You will often find our reporters posting a news story from the location, either immediately after it happens, or sometimes while it is still occurring. If news breaks Wednesday, you don’t have to wait to read it the following Thursday — it will be online today. Our reporters work hard to get event and news coverage up on the web as quickly as possible. 

Because there is no limit to space on our website, we are also able to publish more photos from the events we cover. We may have 30 great photos from an event, but chances are we will only have room for a few of them in the print edition. But for every event we cover, we post a huge photo gallery on the website — that same day — showing you angles and photos that you won’t ever see if you’re only reading the print edition. 

Our websites offer a number of other benefits as well, including interactive polls, immediate comments, easy sharing, sports scores and even some stories that won’t make it in the print edition. 

So if you’re reading this on our website and haven’t looked at our print edition recently, make sure to pick up a copy. And if you’re reading this in print, take a moment and check out our websites at, or It’s the only way to be sure you’re getting the full story.


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