February 14, 2016

One reason for board recall granted clarity


STANDISH — Only one of four reasons filed by Standish resident Kim Hadd to recall four Standish-Sterling Community Schools Board of Education members received clarity at a hearing on Friday, but for Hadd, that’s enough to pursue the recall.

“I just feel they don’t have the interest of the kids at hand,” Hadd said. “They have until Nov. 9 to appeal. … We can’t do a petition until Nov. 9.”

A three-person panel composed of County Clerk Ricky Rockwell, Register of Deeds Rose Smith and Prosecutor Curtis Broughton voted 2-1 to grant clarity to the fourth reason Hadd filed in a recall statement, which alleges that at a board meeting on Aug. 18, 2009, public comment was disallowed in violation of the board’s policies and procedures.

“Under the Michigan Open Meetings Act, you have to allow for public comment,” Rockwell said. “We felt it was clear enough.”

The other statements filed as reasons for recall were denied clarity.

According to Rockwell, approximately 1,080 signatures will need to be collected for the recall to go through, per the 2006 election. A judge at the Nov. 9 hearing will decide the exact number of signatures necessary to collect.

Hadd is attempting to recall board members Jerry Nelson, Gary McFarland, Brenda Golimbieski and Kim Koin.

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