Omer councilwoman tenders resignation

Council gets park improvement updates


OMER — Omer Councilwoman Jill Eyre submitted her letter of resignation at the council’s regular June 11 meeting, leaving a vacancy beginning in July that officials will need to fill.

Eyre said since she had lost her job at the Arenac County Courthouse, she is unable to continue renting a home in Omer due to the cost. She said she would be moving back to her home in St. Ignace, and she would be resigning following the June 25 meeting.

Eyre expressed her hope that some of her pet projects find their way to the November ballot and pass. Prior to her resignation, she had been working on revisions to the city’s charter to help modernize its zoning rules, and had been urging the city to adopt the county’s development master plan. In her letter, Eyre expressed her hope that both items would pass in the November election.

Mayor Alice Sproule said the city would need to put out a call for someone to fill Eyre’s seat for the rest of the term, which expires in November.

Interested parties can contact the Omer City Hall at 989-653-2566. The deadline to file with the city clerk for the November election is August 13, Clerk Sue Oliver said.

The council also heard updates about the continued improvements at the city park. Oliver reported two chain basketball hoops had been purchased and delivered by the city for its basketball court, while Sproule said the city should have just enough to get rubber mulch, a trim to keep the mulch in, and a weed barrier for the new playground equipment.

The city has about $5,600 available to finish the playground, counting grants for the mulch.

“It should be enough for the mulch, trim and the weed barrier, and that’s it,” Sproule said. “The mulch is about $5,000, and another $585 for the weed barrier.”

She said the mulch would be about six inches thick once it is poured in, but the city will need to have the barrier and trim in place ahead of time. Sproule added the city may be able to get a discount on the barrier.

Councilman Larry Daly said the barrier would consist of lengths of wood with PVC around the corners to prevent children from hurting themselves on the edges. He added Head Start in Omer has similar barriers in place on their play equipment.

The council also received a bid of $1,170 to make changes to the park fencing, moving one opening and adding in a larger entryway near the library parking lot, but made no decision at the meeting on whether or not to accept the bid.

“It came up way above what we anticipated,” Sproule said.


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