Omer City Limits rocks the smallest city

Tim Barnum
Omer City Limits performs "Simple Man" during the Summer Concert Series.
Tim Barnum
Steve Trombley strums an acoustic guitar and sings lead vocals as Omer City Limits plays at the Omer park.
Tim Barnum
Five-year-old Colton Gilbert of Omer joins the band underneath the tent, standing between guitar player Rob Lammy and bass player Dan Raushi.
Tim Barnum
Dan Rood steps out from underneath the tent for a guitar solo.
Tim Barnum
Janice Finn of Sterling and Bill Graul of Midland dance to the music.
Tim Barnum
Rob Lammy sings backup vocals and plays guitar during a song.
Tim Barnum
A group of people dance on the lawn while Omer City Limits plays.
Tim Barnum
A large crowd gathers at the Omer City Park to enjoy the show.
Tim Barnum
Dan Rood and Rob Lammy take center stage during an instrumental section of "As My Guitar Gently Weeps."
Tim Barnum
Bassist Dan Raushi provides backing vocals during a song.
Tim Barnum
Drummer Ralph Dempsey provides the band's rhythm.
Tim Barnum
The crowd watches Omer City Limits perform.
Tim Barnum
Lead guitar player Dan Rood shreds a solo.
Tim Barnum
Omer City Limits performs Aug. 13 in Omer.

It only seemed natural that when the Summer Concert Series moved to Omer Aug. 13, that Omer City Limits would be the band booked for the show. The band named after Michigan's smallest city performed in front of a crowd of roughly 100 people at the Omer City Park, performing a variety of classic rock tunes for the audience.


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