Old Omer Library building still unsold



OMER — It’s been four months since the Omer Little Eagle’s Nest Library opened in Omer, but the old Omer Library is still waiting for a buyer.

Mayor Alice Sproule said the city council has not been approached with much interest for the old library, which is for sale to the highest bidder.

The old library, a trailer, is located just east of the new library, next to US-23. Sproule said she knows that some people have looked at the library trailer and taken measurements, but no offers have been made.

“We have not heard anything at all,” she said.

Sproule said that the council was looking to sell the library trailer for around $500, but the cost of moving it may be too expensive for a potential buyer.

“We are at the point where we may need to pay someone to take it out of there,” she said.

Council member Robin Berry said any offer to purchase the building would have to go to the city council for review.

“I can’t really put a price on what that could be at this time,” he said.

Berry said the city is hoping to have a bid by October or November of this year.

“We will make a decision from there on whether we will continue to try and sell it through the winter or get rid of it,” he said.

Berry said the council would like to get rid of the building as soon as they can.

Sproule said that the city council might have to look at other options for getting rid of the trailer.

“I would think that we would be willing to make (it) a donation if we can’t sell it to someone,” she said. “We (city council) have had discussions on things we can do.

Omer received the library trailer as a donation from the Arenac Eastern School District in March of 1997, and it has stayed at its current location since that time, Berry said in March.

He said the trailer, built in 1985, was used as a schoolroom at Arenac Eastern.

Berry added that the site will still have access to water and sewer once the trailer is removed.

“I think it would be a great location for a pavilion,” he said.

Berry said any money earned from the sale of the library trailer will go toward the site’s next project.


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