February 10, 2016
Fishin' for thoughts

Officially lost all hope for President

By John Fischer|Staff Writer
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Posted 7/28/09

I didn’t think I’d be saying this, especially so soon, but I’ve washed my hands clean of Obama. A spineless shame to hope everywhere — that’s what he is. Never in my life have I been so high on a politician than have I with Obama. Ever since 2004, when he gave that wonderful Keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention (DNC), I’ve thought of him in the same light as the Kennedy’s or the Roosevelt’s, but today I’m thinking of him in the same light as Jimmy Carter or William Howard Taft — jokes in the history of our Presidents.

I know Obama’s trying to do a lot of things that are good but not one single thing has inspired nor impressed me. Just like Bill Maher said and received National attention for last week, Obama brings up big issues, sets a deadline, Republicans boycott whatever he tries and then he gives in to them. It’s sickening. Not once did I ever see Bush back off an issue he pushed for. He was able to give banks $750 billion dollars using 2-page forms. Got it done. Obama can’t even use a majority Senate and House to push legislation through. Great job!

It’s only been six months but at this rate, I’m not going to make it through his Presidency. I’m going to wind up bald from ripping my hair out and probably have a heart attack if he keeps trying to “reach across the aisle” to the Republicans. It’s ridiculous!

Obama’s latest sham is health care reform. Of course, he’s been pushing for a public option and of course Republicans are fighting it. Why wouldn’t they? Probably getting millions of dollars on the side from health care companies. Speaking of health care companies, they’ve been spending over $1 million everyday lobbying in Washington against this all. First off, how do you have $1 million dollars to lobby with everyday? Oh and then there’s the $500,000 they’ve spent recently to run television ads against reform. Then there is the new report by the non-partisan www.campaignmoney.org, which the highlights are as follows:

- Members of five committees working on health care reform legislation received $187.1 million in campaign contributions over their career from health and insurance interests

- Elected officials who voted against health reform legislation received 65% more in contributions from health and insurance interests than officials who voted for reform

- Health reform legislation is bottled up in two committees whose members have received nearly $100 million in campaign contributions from vested industries

Why would health insurance be profitable to begin with? It’s morally wrong. If we’re going to keep the obvious failed system we have, this country might as well privatize our roads, police, fire, emergency response, drain commission, water and sewer and everything else. Let’s just make this country a completely Capitalist country and have everything for profit. Then we can all live like hell and pay to drive out of our driveways… come on, we’d have the best roads in the world! Never mind spending $50 to go to work everyday. It’s no different with health care. There’s no Godly reason health insurance should be for profit.

I’m just so sick of Obama’s failed initiatives, Democrats lack of direction (don’t they remind you of a lost puppy?), and the conservatives hindering any good in this country. In honor of the apparent win for republicans, I’m channeling my inner-Rush Limbaugh. I hope republicans get re-elected and ruin this country even more so maybe we can get a real party with real goals and real direction in the White House that won’t give in to greed and lobbyists — the Green Party.

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