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Not all news is good news


In the world of journalism, it’s never easy for a publication and its staff to handle reporting on the tough situations that deal with crime, death, abuse and other unpleasant topics.

For every story that celebrates a town rallying together to raise funds for a sick child, there’s usually a story about a fatal car accident or sexual misconduct at a school.

These things are not easy to report on, but they are a necessary evil that’s part of the job.

In recent weeks, many of these types of stories have made waves in our coverage areas.

From bank robberies to alleged criminal sexual misconduct and reported drug busts, some of the more negative news in our area has cast a shadow over some of the more positive news.

While there have been some questions of late as to if these stories highlighting negative events are efforts of to “sensationalize” the news, the fact is, you can’t ignore something that happens just because it’s considered “bad news.”

It’s never easy to head out to a car accident and see someone get carried away in an ambulance, not knowing if that person is going to live or die.

It’s never a pleasant situation to have to interview school officials about alleged criminal sexual misconduct cases that occur at their schools.

But, if we just decided to ignore these issues and let others handle the dirty work, we’d be doing each and every one of our readers a disservice by failing to report on the news that is happening in your communities.

We take great joy in being able to report on the more positive news in our area. It’s always a pleasure to highlight a local youth who helped to collect food and clothes for the less fortunate, or a local business that is celebrating a milestone anniversary.

It can seem that we do nothing but report on negative news at times because these more recent rashes of negative news have happened in rapid succession.

In reality, if people would stop doing stupid and wrong things, we wouldn’t have to report on such activity. But, please realize that despite the actions of a select few, there are good honest people that do wonderful things in our coverage areas.

It’s never an enjoyable thing to cover negative events, but we’re not in the business of being popular. We’re in the business of reporting the news.


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