My life as a Hallmark movie


Over the past weekend I found myself falling victim to the latest Hallmark movie channel premier.

It all started on Saturday night when I joined my family in the living room. As I sat on the couch watching a commercial, I began wondering just what the heck they were watching and who would have a countdown to Christmas started already?

Of course as soon as the commercial was done I was not surprised at all to find my mom watching the latest Hallmark movie.

Usually I would say something sarcastic to my mom about the channel and leave the room, but I sat there for a little bit watching the movie, intrigued. The bad part was that I was coming in half way through the movie not knowing what was going on.

So I resorted to my stand-by, said something sarcastic to her, and got up and left the room.

Sunday, after I got home from church, I found myself right back on the couch, not watching the Lions, but falling victim once again to the Hallmark Channel.

The same movie as the night before was coming on and I could watch it all the way through this time, so I started up the treadmill and began my workout while watching the movie.

When my mom got home, of course, I made sure to flip the channel so she wouldn’t know I was watching the same movie I was making fun of the night before.

But as soon as she headed upstairs I was back to watching the movie and wondering why my life couldn’t be as cheesy as a Hallmark movie.

And, SPOILER ALERT, if you haven’t watched the latest Hallmark movie “Snow Bride” you may not want to continue this column.

I mean here is a gossip magazine reporter who gets her car stuck in snow and makes her way through the cold to a cabin in the woods where the subject of her gossip piece just happens to be staying. Oh yeah, all while wearing her friends wedding dress because she left in Los Angeles in such a hurry she forgot to pack anything else.

Anyway, she makes her trek through the snow and woods to this cabin where the guy for her gossip piece is staying, pretends not to know who he is, continues the act, falls in love, blah, blah, blah.

You get the idea.

I’m sure I left out a lot of the details, but that’s basically the gist of it, and I don’t want to give too much away in case you decide to watch it.

Living in a Hallmark movie would make life so much easier. At least I would know I was going to live happily ever after in the end. And who knows, I still might.

But all in all I found my attitude about Hallmark movies changing. Well at least until the next one.


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