Moffatt millage holds critical funding for fire department’s future

MOFFATT TOWNSHIP — On Aug. 5 a renewal of a Moffatt Township Fire Department millage failed by two votes — 128 to 126.

But on Nov. 4, the fate of the same ballot proposal, which calls for a 2-mill assessment from 2008-2011, equaling roughly $84,000 per year, is going to be in the hands of the voters for the second time in only a few months.

“It’s (fire department millage) for all of our operations. … all the expenses that the fire department incurs,” said Moffatt Township Supervisor and Assistant Fire Chief Dennis Spencer.

And a failure of the millage again, according to Spencer, would slow down the purchase of a new truck the department wants to purchase to replace a 1971 truck, and could affect operations in the future if the department has to rely on its general fund, which Spencer says contains between $50,000 and $60,000 after a $300,000 renovation to the Moffatt Township Fire Department last year and expenses throughout 2008.

“In a year’s time we could deplete that (general fund monies) quite extensively just with routine maintenance (without the millage),” Spencer said. For the next year we will be running on a very tight budget. ... We do have enough funding in our fire department at the current time to operate for another year.”

Read more in the Oct. 8 edition of "The Arenac County Independent."


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