Mio dominates the rematch in round one of the playoffs


MIO AU SABLE - Oct. 31, 2008 - AuGres-Sims had eagerly anticipated its first-round playoff contest at Mio AuSable on Friday. But what the Wolverines had looked forward to quickly became a Halloween nightmare as the Thunderbolts blasted to a 44-0 halftime lead on the way to a 44-12 Mio victory.

The Thunderbolts (7-3) move on to play for a district championship Friday, Nov. 7, at Bay City All Saints.

"They did exactly what we hoped they wouldn't do," said AGS coach Dr. Scott McAlindon. "They went to a raw power game and they didn't vary from it.

"When they played us the first time, they had a lot of success with it but they tried some other things. This time they stuck with it, and we couldn't stop them."

The Thunderbolts rushed for nearly 400 yards despite the entire second half being played under a running clock.

On top of that, the Wolverines turned the ball over three times in the first half to short-circuit their chances of winning in a high-scoring shootout.

"We didn't protect the ball," McAlindon said. "Once that happened, we really were in trouble.

"They came hard at us. They were there to win. Not that we weren't; we came in feeling pretty confident, and boom-boom-boom, we're down three touchdowns."

Mio took a 22-0 lead in the first quarter on a 14-yard run by Josh Chartier, a 4-yard Michael Kososky run and Garrett Price's 25-yard run.

Kososky added his second touchdown on a 1-yard run, Aaron Smith added a 15-yard run and Kososky hit twin brother Aaron Kososky with a 56-yard scoring pass with less than 30 seconds before halftime.

The Wolverines scored in the fourth quarter on a 10-yard pass from Alex Lutz to Chad Taylor, and Lutz added a 2-yard scoring run late.

Smith led Mio with 156 yards rushing.

For the Wolverines (6-4), Lutz finished with 16-of-30 passing for 181 yards and rushed for 75 yards on 14 carries. Travis Byard had six catches for 43 yards and Taylor added five grabs for 82 yards.

Nathan Trapp led the defense with 11 solo tackles and four assists.

For the Wolverines, it was a tough way to end an otherwise successful season that saw the offense transform from the run-first attack of speedy running backs like Justin and Brandon Kelly to the pass-happy spread attack led by Lutz and receivers like Taylor, Byard, Kyle Gingerich and Colton Liddell.

"I'm proud of our season," McAlindon said. "The seniors were a great group, which is especially nice considering there were so few of them. But I thought we accomplished as much as we could with as few players as we had coming back and all the changes we made."


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