February 10, 2016

Middle school PRIDE group awarded grant


STANDISH — The Standish-Sterling Middle School PRIDE group was awarded with a $1,589 grant from the Prevention Network last week.

“This was a one-time grant,” PRIDE (Parents Resource Institute for Drug Education) advisor Pam Yanoski said. “We’re hoping that PRIDE can be successful and running on itself in a few years.”

She said the grant would come in handy when the group is ready to perform at assemblies and in front of large crowds.

“There’s skits that we need to purchase, and props for different skits,” Yanoski said. “The skits are better when you can get the props and get the kids up on stage.”

The grant, an Underage Drinking Prevention grant, will be beneficial, she added, when the group grows larger, since it currently only has five members.

“Last year they had a good strong groups, but more than half of them went on to ninth grade,” she said. She added last year the middle school PRIDE team had 12 members and were advised by Deputy Rachel Vallad and Donna Rice.

She also said the group will receive training on Oct. 17 for upcoming events that it will hold in order to increase its membership and that PRIDE currently meets weekly. Yanoski added the group is allowing younger students to join than it did last year, as this year, sixth graders are being welcomed into PRIDE at Standish-Sterling Middle School.

“Programs and projects such as this, organized by members in the community, help underage people make the important decision not to use alcohol,” said Ken Dail, Executive Director of Prevention Network. “These programs usually point out that kids who don’t use alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs are normal, happy, and healthy without them.”

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