Local youngsters jump to a district win


STANDISH — For many little girls competitive cheerleading on the big stage is just something they dream of actually doing, let alone taking first place.

But for a group of Standish area youngsters that dream came true earlier this year.

Coached by Roxie Schram, the Standish Young Champions All-Star Cheerleading level two team girls twisted, twirled and shouted their way to to a first-place regional finish.

The team dominated the regional competition at Gaylord High School on May 15, just before they came up short in the state competition at the Delta-Plex in Grand Rapids on June 5.

Even though they didn’t place in state, Schram said that she is proud of all of her girls.

“Amazing, this was an awesome year! Each year it seems to get better and better,” said the coach who teaches four Standish teams. “Team Standish are the hardest workers. They are just worker bees. They had to do a dance routine and a cheer routine.”

The All-Star level two youngsters took first place by defeating 17 other teams in the regional competition, as they were judged on a scale of 1-5 points in more than 15 different scoring categories.

Schram said she thought the team nailed the competition with their cheer routine.

“They just can really belt out a cheer,” said the coach.

Despite their valiant efforts, the level two team did not place in state, because they lost two players right before the competition.

Though they didn’t place ,parent Ron Pawlaczyk said the team did their best.

“They had fun,” he said. “At state they were between a rock and a hard place.”

Coach Schram also said that she is also proud of her level four team (age 13-18) which wasn’t able to make the state competition or place at the regionals despite their hard work.

“We had three girls; you can’t do all the required stunts with three girls. They just went as a show team,” she said. “It wasn’t enough for the scorers. (Regionals) was on the same day as a school trip.”

Though the level two team was the only one to take first place in Gaylord, two other teams placed and made it to the state competition as the level three (ages 10-12) All-Stars placed second in their competition, while the level one team (ages 4-6) did well by taking third.

Those who would like more information about how to join the Standish program can call 1-800-940-7469.


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