Local support group members donate canned food

STANDISH — In an extension of its national efforts that has Weight Watchers International donating $1 per-pound-lost, up to $1,000,000, of its entire nationwide membership in a six week promotion, local Weight Watchers have decided that for each pound its members lose until Oct. 18, they are donating a can of food to the Standish Assembly of God food bank. Standish Weight Watchers Director Helen Hoss says this is the first time the organization has coordinated a nationwide charity drive of any kind, so the members wanted to do something special. “We (Standish members) wanted it to come to the local area as well (as nationally and internationally),” Hoss said. Hoss explains the local program, which has been running since Sept. 7, is optional to its members, as they are donating the canned food themselves. “So far our participants have lost a collective two hundred pounds,” Hoss said. She also says the nationwide promotion has decided to donate $700,000 of its raised funds to United States food banks and $300,000 to international food banks. “It’s really a nice little charity program that helps give our members a little extra motivation,” Hoss said.

Read more in "The Arenac County Independent," Oct. 15 edition.


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