Local 4-H club shares results of helping community



STANDISH — The Rifle River Ranglers were given a mission to give back to a community that gives them so much.

The horse club’s co-leader, Betty Joe Lyons told the club that each member needed to do something to help improve the community.

“When we have a giveaway at a horse show, all of the kids go out and take up donations,” she said. “People donate what they can. I just want us to give back.”

At their annual meeting Jan. 30, the Ranglers shared how they helped their community.

“I think the kids did a fantastic job,” Lyons said. “I was surprised at what the group came up with.”

The ways that the club volunteered their time varied. Some helped at local businesses; others spent time volunteering at schools, while other helped neighbors.

Club president Maddison Kusey said that she volunteered at Standish-Sterling Central’s parent teacher conferences and helped underclassmen.

Secretary Jessica Fenner said that she spent time tutoring underclassmen and elementary students at SSC.

One club member, Cheyenne Faust, said that she helped take care of her neighbor’s pet while they were away.

Lyons said that the group did really well.

“They had to get a little creative,” she said. “Some of the kids could not do the job they originally wanted, so they had to improvise.”

Members like Josh McKee wanted to help at a local dog pound, but when the pound said they did not need any help until the spring, McKee decided to help clean at a local car dealership.

“It was fun, but a lot of work,” he said.

Members of the Rifle River Ranglers range from the ages of 7 to 17. Lyons said that the club has 20 members and holds four horse shows a year.

She added that the volunteer project was a success and she would like to do it again.

“It was nice to see the kids do something for the community,” she said. “This was not something that needed to be elaborate. The kids just had to do something to benefit the community.”


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