Letters to the editor: March 25

Attention ALL business owners With the advent of all types of communication devices that are being used by your customers and, just as important, potential customers, you would do very well to consider adjusting some of your advertising money in the following ways – please note your competition will be doing some of all of these: 1. Make sure you are seen by your local computer savvy clients on the internet – by purchasing space on the Arenac’s web site . . . We are out there and your competition will be soon. 2. This is VERY important, please change your signs to reflect the current technology. All day and night cars “with cell phones” go by your sign and the people have questions. 3. Have a good web site created so people can visit your virtual store – this will increase viability and sales. 4. Recently one of our local business’ had a very insightful afternoon of advertising – Gene’s Hardware of Twining offered free pizza and salad bar at H&H in AuGres. Quite honestly, I know that many people will remember this, not as pure advertisement but a way to create some loyalty. Personally I would like to see more creative advertising like this. These are hard times for the average person, and that makes it that much harder for the business person to make a dime – not to mention more jobs. Please do put in place some of these suggestions and I hope you will see increased sales very soon. Whatever you decide, I wish you the very best. Tim Dewald AuGres

Over Billing Where does Consumers Energy get the right to estimate my monthly electrical usage? Every time the computer estimates my hour’s used, it is always higher than consumption. I am forced to pay over and above for a service that has not been rendered. This is not right. But what does one do to stop this overcharge? Lloyd Phillips Twining


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