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Beryl & Piche


No homework for the editor


Looks like Tim Barnum didn't do his homework before he wrote his article about the Queen of England sitting around doing nothing. He also must not have seen the series that was on PBS about the English royalty. The Queen is quite a busy lady. She is like our First Lady in that she is hostess to visiting dignitaries and oversees the planning of state banquets, etc. She is also like a diplomat, visiting other countries and spreading good will. The royal family is involved with charities as was brought out when Princess Diana was still living. The Queen has many, many documents to sign in addition to other duties that keep her busy daily. No, Tim, the Queen does not sit around doing nothing.

Beryl Tarrant

Au Gres

Oath of Office


Governor Granholm, you took an oath of office to protect the people of the state of Michigan. You cannot let out 6,000 more convicted felons or close 3 prisons and all 5 camps and say you have the best interest in the people. There may already be three deaths as a result of the 11 prison closures and 4,000 prisoners you let out. Look at Nevaeh Buchanan from Monroe. We need to find another way. The prisoners you are letting out rob and steal for a living. They rape and murder. They use, manufacture meth and sell it to our kids. We are at an all time high in unemployment. Where do you think 10,000 felons on the street are going to work? They are going to go into our homes and steal our hard earned property while we are at work. They want your car, they want to do awful things to our children. This must stop now. You said years ago “You are going to be blown away” I thought you meant this is a good way. Increases in employment, public safety #1. Where are the jobs you promised? Where are the 100 state troopers you laid off, not to mention the hundreds of Correction Officers and support staff. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s our time for a 2 cent increase in the sales tax. You need to be our hero and press as hard as you can to save Michigan from harm. We as a hard working society should accept a tax increase before we can accept a collapse in public safety and this threat to our children’s future. Remember your oath Granholm.

Paul M. Piche

Correction Officer

Omer, MI


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Well written, Paul. Politicians will be politicians especially when they are in their last term. Apparently she has nothing to lose so we will have everything to lose.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 | Report this

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