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Editor, I really don’t want to offend anybody since we need to be politically correct. But, I could not believe the recent letter in the 11-19-08 Independent titled “Stop the airplanes…Stop the threats”. Let’s take this item by item. 1. I don’t think many farmers need to feed deer and I am going out on a limb here to say the flyovers by the DNR are not intended to catch the farmers. Good grief, the fields are loaded with feed. 2. Yes, car accidents happen from deer crossing in front of you, it’s sad just like hitting a moose or dog. Here’s a good rule of the road: If an animal runs out in front of you and you do not have time to stop, do not swerve. Given the choice I would rather hit a deer than a tree, or roll the car into the ditch. 3. Yes deer are native to Michigan. If anybody wants to ask one of the 175,000 hunters where the deer live I think you’ll find they live where the hunters go – the woods. 4. President Roosevelt developed what was known as the CCC camps. The young men did everything from digging ditches, building log camps and everything in between. 5. Yes, the farmers have been given “block grants” to harvest deer. I don’t know how effective this is. I also don’t know if the deer meat is used by anybody. 6. Large herds starving and freezing to death? I don’t remember anything like this, could be that someone remembers it. 7. Mackinac Island – I can’t even comment. 8. Teach families recipes for venison: Yes, please because I know most all of us could use some help from the people in California showing us how to cook native wildlife. Oh, I just realized California is not native to California. However, I am looking forward to see all these great California whitetail recipes. Tim Dewald AuGres

Michigan Baiting Ban – What a Deception! Editor, With apples, acorns under the trees and the “little” areas deer continuously feed in, hunters should use more mock scrapes, who’s sniffing what here? Lower peninsula deer do herd up. “Hello DNR” they are nose to nose. DNR developed with the Department of Agriculture, a policy to prevent spreading of chronic wasting disease. Did you notice “with the Department of Agriculture?” Which is lobbying, has the money and really started all the problems? Commerce gone to the tune of $500 million. One privately owned facility has an infected animal, but enclosed clubs can continue artificial feeding since their animals are considered livestock. Something smell here? Too much cost to locate the problem? Do the lobby groups want you there? Are DNR honcho’s pushing their agenda? Stresses on the weekend warriors-work, travel, costs, time, and areas makes baiting an uncomplicated route. If these folks wanted trophies they would hunt differently. Do baiters take deer from large landowners with their food plots? Is the public just followers and believers? Why hasn’t the automotive insurance groups scrutinized this directive? Have we fallen into the grasp of the left-wingers, non-hunters, lobbyist, lethargic DNR? Well, I suppose we will see permits next for baiting, will that help the DNR with money? For now, keep putting more people out of work, destroy businesses, hurt more farms, discourage hunting, have the lobbyists entertain you, and lets keep those deer-car accidents up-just keep up the good work! Armin Tata AuGres


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