February 13, 2016

Letter to the editor - week 45

Tim Dewald
AuGres Resident
Posted 11/5/08

Welcome to your new responsibilities and if you are an old hand at this, we look forward to your wisdom and guidance. As mentioned in a letter before, if you didn’t win, we do expect that you will do your very best to work with the township/county leaders to assure everything runs smoothly.

As everyone is aware, we live in one of the most economically depressed areas in Michigan. And America is once again looking for alternative forms of energy.

Here’s an idea to attempt to kill two birds with one stone-how about we research and develop wind turbines located in Saginaw Bay? We would not only be slopping out of the noose of OPEC, but we could create many new good paying jobs in our beautiful area.

I know of more than a few people in the area that would like good solid jobs, not to mention the fact that our children need to leave the area to find any type of decent job.

I am requesting that each and every elected official within Arenac County pursue avenues to assure this suggestion is implemented.

It is one series of jobs that will not be shipped overseas.

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