Letter to the editor, week 27


Let’s clean up those illegal trash sites

There is a new state wide volunteer group that has formed to clean up public lands. I am the volunteer representative responsible for suggesting sites and encouraging volunteer help for Arenac County. Please see www.michiganlandrescue.com for information about the entire organization and to volunteer to help in your county or region.

Our goal is to cooperate with our DNR in cleaning up our public lands so that these lands are left as pristine as possible for the generations to come. As we continue to take on more projects we will require additional volunteers and help. Take some time to get to know our organization. Please consider joining with our effort.

Dennis Bender


Rep. Stupak deserves credit for protecting our children

Parents all over the country can feel safer knowing that Big Tobacco will no longer be able to prey on children with despicable and manipulative marketing practices, thanks to recent actions by the President and Con-gress.

Fifty years after tobacco smoke was found to be hazardous to health, a rogue industry will finally be subject to strong regulation. This is a historic moment for public health in this country.

In the absence of meaningful regulation, the tobacco industry has had dangerously wide latitude to pursue its only goal – to addict more customers and stop current users from quitting.

Everyday, 3,500 kids try a cigarette for the first time. Another 1,000 children become addicted, daily smokers. One-third of those addicted kids will eventually die prematurely as a result of their smoking.

Granting the FDA authority to regulate the manufacture, sale and marketing of tobacco products will go a long way to reduce this deadly toll.

Big Tobacco will no longer be able to entice kids with candy and fruit-flavored products or flashy advertising. And the industry will be required to disclose the ingredients in its products, including arsenic and polonium, two of the world’s most potent poisons.

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and other public health advocates have fought more than a decade for this critical lifesaving law. Mr. President, Rep. Stupak and colleagues are reining in Big Tobacco and protecting our kids and deserve credit.

Betsy Leadbetter

Volunteer, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network


Boaters need to slow down

We constantly hear about all the wonderful recreational things to do in our great state and more specific in our own area. However, it is a shame when you mix locals and out-of-towners together, it seems like good times are ruined by thoughtless and disrespectful acts.

My family and I enjoy fishing on the rocks at the mouth of the AuGres River, we take a lunch and make a day of it. Or try to that is. Our time there is always disrupted by the numerous boats that fly down the river to the dock, not considering at all that the people on the bank are going to get wet. Even worse are the boats that come within twenty feet of the shore and get tangled in your lines. Then they have the nerve to call you names and yell at you for leaving your line in the water. These things happen every day we spend out there. I cannot afford a boat, but that shouldn’t mean I don’t have a right to fish. I can understand if the wind is blowing and boats are going both directions that they would need more room. And in these cases I gladly pull my line in. But on a calm day, with no other traffic, these boats should give us some respect and stay to the middle or even on the other side, and slow down.

Remember, some people who fish on the rocks might have health issues that make it difficult to move on the rocks and when you splash them with your waves, you might be causing injury to others. We who fish on the shore deserve to enjoy our time on the water the same as you who have boats. It would only be fair to add to those who do slow down and move over, thanks for caring about others.

Dale Snyder



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Re: Clean Up

Our citizens have a choice. They can dispose of garbage properly and help to clean up public lands or they can watch as public lands disappear in a sea of trash. Which do you want to see happen for your grandchildren and beyond?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 | Report this

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