Letter to the Editor - Raymond Daniels, Clayton Township


I want to clarify a few things in the Town Crier. It noted that Daniels Septic Service was paid several thousand dollars in 2007 by the Arenac County Parks, but only listed four invoices that could be a little hard to understand for some people. To make things easier I went back in our files, and in 2007, we were paid a total of $2,978.75 from the Parks and Recreation Fund.

In 2008, we were paid a total of $2,866.25 from the Parks and Recreation Fund. In both years this was for providing portable toilets and cleaning vaults at the county parks and recreation sites.

Our computer dates back to 1993, which shows all the services we provided for Arenac County the last 16 years. If you want that information, I can easily get that for you. Call or ask me at the next commissioner meeting. I’ll be glad to get it.

The article could be taken out of context if someone read it and thought I was only asked to provide these services since I’ve been commissioner, when in fact we’ve worked with the Arenac County Parks ever since Lee Johnson was Drain Commissioner. I believe that was the early 80’s, approximately 25 years ago.

We also work at the Animal Shelter. In 2007 we were paid $690 and so far in 2008 we have been paid $405. Normally we service there twice a year. So we should be there again in December. We’ve been doing that work since Ezra Brad was the Animal Control Officer. We’ve never been asked to supply a bid for either job. Maybe you should check with Mr. Brad or other Animal Control Officers. Maybe they’d explain why bids weren’t called for. For the Parks and Recreation, I guess you could go back to Mr. Johnson, Mr. Rockwell, Mr. Rynicki, Mr. Rokosz, or other Parks Managers and ask them why they chose us for the work.

It’s probably because I’m the only licensed septage hauler in Arenac County and they’re satisfied with the service we provide them, but you better ask them. If you want all these jobs bid out, at our next board meeting please ask to put it on the list of motions. As you know, at our meetings I’ve been very receptive to any Board Member or anyone in the public that wishes to ask questions or comment. Also, call me anytime, 989-654-2162 or 989-450-9826.

P.S. I used to get the Crier when I was a Township Trustee, but since I have become a commissioner, I’ve been taken off your mailing list and have to go to my neighbor to receive a copy. Put me back on your mailing list.


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