Lady Panthers come back strong after holiday layoff


ROSCOMMON — Standish-Sterling's girls basketball team shook off weeks of rust on Wednesday and put together the kind of effort coach Kevin King envisioned heading into the season as the Panthers rolled to a 56-38 victory on the road.

After a slow start, the Panthers' full court press ignited a 41-19 SSC run during the second and third quarters.

"We played well," King said. "We had our press working tonight, so I was pleased even though we missed a number of layups and didn't shoot well at the free throw line.

"We also had 10 girls score, and that kind of balance is good."

Abbye Gulvas hit three 3-pointers and led the Panthers with 17 points. Ashlyn Gulvas added nine and Kelsye Mielke and Ellen Walderzak each scored six. King said Allison Collier's defensive work on Rosco's Caitlyn Walker was also a big factor.

The Panthers (2-4) host Ogemaw Heights on Friday to lead off a doubleheader with the boys teams.

Stephanie Walker led the Bucks (3-3) with 17 points.


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